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Fightstar - They Like You Better When You Were Dead

  by Andy Vincent

published: 17 / 3 / 2006

Fightstar - They Like You Better When You Were Dead
Label: Select Label
Format: CD


Catchy, pretension-free American debut release from ex-Busted frontman Charlie Simpson's new emo band, Fightstar

This is the first American release for ex-Busted frontman Charlie Simpson's new venture, Fightstar. I'm sure that vocalist/guitarist Charlie is sick of that comparison by now and, going by the standard of this record, I can see why. The album boasts the writing ability of artists who have been making this style of music for years. Maybe it's because of Charlie's pop knowledge or just pure talent, but 'They Liked You Better When You're Dead' is likely to have both diehards of heavy rock music and the kids enjoying it equally. The music is catchy, lacks pretension and is highly listenable. It makes the listener feel relaxed despite the heaviness and underlying influences on the record. First track 'Paint Your Target' reveals itself to be a post-hardcore tune that could be blaring out of any of the younger group of US bands' speakers, whilst maintaining obvious influences from different styles that help to make it a great opener, Tracks like 'Lost Like Tears in Rain' and 'Until Then 'help to gain the footing of the album. 'Hazy Eyes' is a relatively obvious slow song but it shows off a more peaceful writing style that doesn't hold back the rest of the album from making its mark and is in fact a very welcome addition. In many cases the quiet songs can destroy the pace of the album as a whole even if they are musically very good, but this doesn't do this. Overall this album should help Fightstar gain crucial footing in the U.S. and will bolster their back catalogue for future listeners

Track Listing:-
1 Paint Your Target
2 Palahniuk's Laughter
3 Amethyst
4 Lost Like Tears In Rain
5 Speak Up
6 Until Then
7 Cross Out The Stars
8 Hazy Eyes
9 Mono

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