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Interview (2008)

Fightstar - Interview

Kelly Smith chats to increasingly acclaimed post-hardcore emo band Fightstar about touring with Feeder and their third full length album which is due out early next year


Academy, Newcastle, 23/10/2008

Fightstar - Academy, Newcastle, 23/10/2008

At the Newcastle Academy, Kelly Smith watches the still grossly under rated Fightstar in support to a dull Feeder play an energetic and atmospheric set


Fightstar 1 (2007)

Fightstar - Fightstar 1

Katie Anderson photographs post hardcore/emo act Fightstar at a show at the Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms...

Fightstar 2 (2007)

Fightstar - Fightstar 2

and also earlier that day at a signing at local boutique, Dress Code


The English Way (2008)

Highly impressive new single involving a choir from Fightstar, the first from an as-yet-untitled new album which is due out next year

One Day This Will All be Yours (2007)

Sombee, yet superb second album from Fightstar which kicks new life into the hard rock genre

They Like You Better When You Were Dead (2006)

Catchy, pretension-free American debut release from ex-Busted frontman Charlie Simpson's new emo band, Fightstar



In Case of Fire
Interview In Case of Fire - Interview

Kelly Smith chats to hardworking Irish punk pop trio at a gig in Newcastle supporting Fightstar about their heavy schedule of touring and just released debut album, 'Align the Planets'


Charlie Simpson
Academy 2, Newcastle, 30/6/2011 Fun Lovin' Criminals - Academy 2, Newcastle, 30/6/2011

Kelly Smith watches former Fightstar front man Charlie Simpson play an intimate, but brilliant show in one of his first solo performances at the Academy in Newcastle


Emanuel Emanuel - Emanuel

At a show in Portsmouth in which they supported Fightstar, Katie Anderson photographs up-and-coming Indiana-based post-hardcore band, Emanuel

The Full Ponty Miscellaneous - The Full Ponty

The Full Ponty is a two day music festival that is situated near Pontypridd in Wales.Anna Gudaniec photographs Funeral for a Friend, Biffy Clyro, Fightstar, Bring Me the Horizon and Days in December on its second day

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