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Fightstar - One Day This Will All be Yours

  by Peter Allison

published: 21 / 9 / 2007

Fightstar - One Day This Will All be Yours
Label: Instable Recordings
Format: CD


Sombee, yet superb second album from Fightstar which kicks new life into the hard rock genre

Not having directly listened to Fightstar before, but their name having been mentioned in passing by others, I was intrigued to hear their latest album, 'One Day Son, This Will All Be Yours'. It left me surprisingly impressed. With the defiant sounding band name, I was expecting something equally assertive, but unexpectedly found a melodic – almost mournful - overall feel to the tracks; a decidedly fresh edge to the sometimes stagnating hard rock genre. Despite this mournful tone, a core of channelled aggression was effectively used to avoid the sometimes sombre lyrics becoming a cliché. Combined with the vocals, was the underlying roar of electric guitar, fused with a strong background of thunderous drumming that blends to create a truly superb album which cannot be faulted. With this diverse range of expression and instrumental accompaniment, combined with their clear vocals, it would not be remiss to draw similarities with Foo Fighters, who use similar techniques in their own work. Fightstar are, however, suitably distinctive to avoid being dismissed as merely being a clone of the aforementioned Overall, I must say 'One Day Son, All This Will be Yours' was a surprisingly impressive album, even more so in a genre that has the danger in becoming somewhat stale, and one I cannot recommend enough.

Track Listing:-
1 99
2 We Apologise For Nothing
3 Floods
4 One Day Son
5 Deathcar
6 I Am The Message
7 You & I
8 Amaze Us
9 H.I.P (Enough)
10 Tannhauser Gate
11 Our Last Common Ancestor
12 Unfamiliar Ceilings

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