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Lords - This Ain't A Love Thing, It's A Hate Thing

  by Andy Vincent

published: 14 / 4 / 2006

Lords - This Ain't A Love Thing, It's A Hate Thing
Label: Select Label
Format: CD


Sometimes exhilirating, sometimes pedestrian guitar rock from British band Lords

Lords like to make a racket. They bounce around making what I usually call "middle-England country rock". Comparisons can be drawn with the art rock crowd and I'm sure they'd be quite happy sitting amongst them. 'This Ain't a Hate Thing, It's a Love Thing' rolls through its tracks in an up-paced rock and roll fashion, which is one of the best stereotypes you can stick on Lords. They're a mighty fine rock and roll band as demonstrated by opener 'Pint of Wine' and even more clearly on the stop-starting and incredibly-titled 'I Want to See You Drunk and Dancing like a Russian'. Like their Gringo label mates Polaris, I do, however, feel sometimes that they lack direction, but the quality of the musicianship and the great songs on the record outweigh those tracks that meander. All in all, this is an enjoyable record. For the most part it is fun, even sometimes exhilirating, but occasionally I found myself getting frustrated. Imagine being in the traffic with someone not moving in front of you and shouting "COME ON!" That's what it feels like in places here. Lords nevertheless do write good rock 'n' roll, and this album demonstrates that well.

Track Listing:-
1 Pint Of Wine
2 The Unfortunate Death Of The Lords
3 Liqueur
4 Mingus (Parts 1-3)
5 Ethan
6 Baijoul
7 Show Me Your Palms
8 I Want To See You Drunk And Dancing Like A Russian
9 The Ballad Of The Sightless And The Outstrectched Hand
10 My Sweetheart The Horse

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