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Stretch Arm Strong - Interview

  by Andy Vincent

published: 16 / 4 / 2006

Stretch Arm Strong - Interview


Hardcore punks Stretch Arm Strong recently toured with Story of the Year to promote their fourth album 'Free at Last'. Andy Vincent talks to singer Chris McLane about the tour, the record, and the band's plans to help to create a new musical movement

To promote their highly acclaimed fourth album 'Free at Last', Positive Hardcore/Punk band Stretch Arm Strong, which consists of vocalist Chris McLane ; guitarists JC Lopez and David Sease ; bassist Jeremy Jeffers and drummer John Barry, recently toured Europe with Story of the Year. Chris McLane has took time in a brief break in the band's hectic touring schedule to talk to Pennyblackmusic about the tour, the record, and the band's plans to help to create a new musical movement within their scene. PB : You've recently finished a European tour with Story of the Year. How did the tour go down? CM : The tour was great with massive crowds and really cool kids. We had a really good time and it appears we were well received. PB : This is your first time in Europe since the release of 'Free at Last' in October. How did the crowds take to the songs and how has Europe been to you? CM : The crowds were very warm and receptive. A lot of people have bought the new record which is great and were able to sing along at the shows. That's always a good sign. We are stoked. PB : You've been described as a band on a comeback. Do you feel this is true ? Your band biography on your website describes you as "going for broke" with this record. Was that intentional? CM : We have been around for a while. We are still touring and trying to do something bigger and on a different level. It's just what we are about. We are intentional about making this as big as it can be. PB : Your website explains that you could launch a new musical movement built on positive thinking and sincerity. Do you think in the current scene this is needed ? CM : I think it is needed. I hope we can at least contribute to that. PB : Do Stretch Arm Strong have an agenda, something you've set out to achieve? CM : Not really. We do, however, promote equality, compassion, and integrity in our songs, music and shows. I hope it comes across in our live set. PB : Who are your favourite bands at the moment? CM : I just got the new Loved Ones record, 'Keep Your Heart' and I really like that. Also, I picked up the new Sick of It All album, 'Death to Tyrants'. PB : In one form or another the band has been together since 1993. Do you feel that the sheer length of time together has strengthened you both as a band and also as individuals ? CM : We definitely have been through it all together and we know how each other works. We are all friends and there is no drama in the band which is always nice. PB : When you complete the tour what are your plans for the future? CM : We are going to have a short break, and then will tour the States with Sick of It All and then go on a Warped Tour again in America this summer. PB : Thank you. The photographs that accompany this article were taken exclusively for Pennyblackmusic by Anna Gudaniec

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Stretch Arm Strong - Interview

Stretch Arm Strong - Interview

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