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Truckdriver Jr - And Then You'll Burst Into Flames Forever

  by Andy Vincent

published: 8 / 7 / 2007

Truckdriver Jr - And Then You'll Burst Into Flames Forever
Label: We Like Danger
Format: CDS


Versatile riff-based post-rock on debut EP from small town Midlanders Truckerdriver Jr

Truckdriver Jr are seriously raucous, seriously heavy and riff laden, but they can be quiet, introvert and quite pleasant. This, their debut EP, is great. It really is. And they're from Leek...I was in Leek last weekend very briefly. It's very small and the nearest attraction is Alton Towers. So how they've come out with a heavy riff fuelled rock that can flow into some really beautiful soundscapes is beyond me, but boy I'm glad they have. I'm struck by the need to see this band live. They drift between seriously huge riffs to some really rather pleasant melancholic picked and dare I say it... post-rock build ups, and right back round to stop/start riffs fuelled by the same aggression that makes the big riffs as good as they come. I do have a criticism to level though. When drifting between these different sections, the band could be three totally different outfits. This pricks up my ears to a lack of writing direction. While the band are writing these different sections awesomely and I really do mean it these sections are awesome , I can't help but feel that they'd become champions in their genre, if they'd pick a genre to play in... Now, with this criticism I'd like to add a counter criticism. There is no need for this band to pick a genre. Admittedly it does sound a bit lost sometimes but that's part of the beauty of it. Like the now defunct Glasgow 5 piece The Fall of Boss Koala. Truckdriver Jr the band ebb and flow as if they are alive as one. It really does impress me that bands like this can form an create a cohesive release that in lesser hands could so easily have become unlistenable and make it thoroughly enjoyable. A great release that while not looking to give the band super stardom should be seen as both highly credible and well put together.

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