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Diecast - Interview

  by Andy Vincent

published: 22 / 7 / 2006

Diecast - Interview


Japanese hardcore outfit Envy released their latest album 'Insomniac Doze' on Mogwai's Rock Action label. Vocalist Tetsuya Fukagawa talks to Andy Vincent about his group's longevity and why, after nearly 15 years together, their priorities haven't changed

Envy are a long running Japanese hardcore outfit that formed in 1992 and that have, despite having been around for longer than most other bands in the genre, not lost their original blueprint of what they initially intended to create. The group consists of Tetsuya Fukagawa (vocals, sequencer) ; Nobukata Kawai (guitar); Masahiro Tobita (guitar), Manabu Nakagawa ( bass) and Dairoku Seki (drums) With the release of the band's recent album 'Insomniac Doze' on Mogwai's Rock Action label, Envy show that they don't want to be like most other bands in their field, Pennyblackmusic asked them a few questions about their past, the present and what the future holds. PB : How did Envy form? TF : When we were students, we had nothing better to do, so we decided to start a band. It was a simple motive. PB : When you started the band, what were your influences and intentions? TF : At the time, we were influenced by extreme hardcore bands. But like I said we just wanted to kill time. We never thought about changing the world with our music, and we still don't think like that. PB: Would you say these have changed over the years or stayed similar? TF : We haven't changed much I guess. I'm sure we have become more serious about the music compared to how we were when we started. We are, however, basicallty the same guys. PB: What bands do you respect both in Japan and worldwide? TF : Everyone in the band likes Mogwai because they seem like they are having fun travelling all over the world, playing music and still have good relationship with each other. And their songs are excellent. PB : With the release of your most recent album 'Insomniac Doze' have you felt your attitude to writing has changed? TF : Nothing much has changed but this time we tried to have more width to the music. We were very careful about the balance of each instrument in the mixing process, and we have to have intensity. PB : After such a long existence, do you feel that you're still as strong as ever ? TF : I believe we still have the same feeling towards music. We know we can't go back to the normal life anymore since we now know how enjoyable being in a band is. I'd like to continue playing and writing songs as long as possible, release as many records, go out touring as much as possible. PB : What are your plans for Envy over the next year? TF : We'll go touring in U.S. in August. We'll play some shows in Japan after that. Next spring, we will tour the U.S. again and arrange to go to Europe. We have started writing new songs, so hopefully we will be able to release a new album soon as well. PB : Thank you.

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Diecast - Interview

Diecast - Interview

Diecast - Interview

Diecast - Interview

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