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Fivemiledrive - Houston We Have A Pop Song

  by Andy Vincent

published: 15 / 4 / 2006

Fivemiledrive - Houston We Have A Pop Song
Label: Select Label
Format: CDS


Exciting debut EP from Portsmouth-based thrash pop quintet Fivemiledrive

This is the three song debut EP for thrash pop quintet Fivemiledrive, and thrash pop is exactly what it it. There's no strutting or preconceptions about who they are and what they do and they thoroughly stand by it. A-side 'Houston, We Have a Pop Song' opens with a highly energetic and exciting riff before flowing into an incredible "singalong" chorus. It rolls through all the areas of a great pop song that there is with hooks and catches that leave you smiling. The band know how to write a heavy and exciting rock tune. The only downside I can see is following a perfectly constructed and executed breakdown the final chorus drag the song outs a little too long. By no means does this actually detract from the song itself as the chorus is excellent, but it just feels as if it may be one chorus too many. The first of the B-sides 'Astatis' opens with a drum riff that in some senses reminds me of dance/percussion troupe Stomp, but only with a much stronger sound. This is followed by one of the dirtiest bass sounds you will hear this year which lulls you for a moment, before 'Astatis' opens out straight into one of the most soaring songs you will have heard since Celine Dion started breaking windows. It is a lazy comparison, but the song reminds me of a heavy Incubus from their 'Make Yourself' era, but it keeps the pace a little better and shows off equal vision of structure and clarity. The second B-side 'Closer You Know I Don't Dance' started off in my mind sounding weak, but has grown on me with every subsequent listen. It maintains the pop hooks of the past two songs whilst bringing in an even dirtier and heavier element in places. Its ironically danceable chorus, handclaps, singalong sound and a furious outtro/intro combination make this song sound stunning live, I do think some of the energy is lost in the recording but this can't be helped. The CD leaves you feeling quite smug with yourself for owning it and lets you go with a positive feeling that many other bands classed in this genre wouldn't even know how to create.

Track Listing:-
1 Houston, We Have A Pop Song
2 Astatis
3 You Know I Don't Dance

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