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Alexisonfire - Crisis

  by Andy Vincent

published: 19 / 7 / 2006

Alexisonfire - Crisis
Label: Select Label
Format: CD


Mature, heavyweight hardcore punk on very impressive third album from rising stars of Canadian rock Alexisonfire

I've been waiting on this album for some time, and have also spent a long time deliberating over this review... Listening to the album in varying states of mind and I think the best bet is to go through each aspect of the band piece by piece and review that, but first of all an overview. 'Crisis' is in some senses a lot more mature than Alexisonfire's previous two albums, 2002's self-titled debut and 2004's 'Watch Out !' The sheer amount of touring and experience the band have amounted and their rise to "fame" are clearly on show. The mix quality and technicality on the record are also of a much higher standard than ever before. It's catchier, heavier but more melodic, everything that could be expected if you look at how much they should have evolved in the time between 'Watch Out!' and 'Crisis'. Although I do feel some of the rawness that made the last records so exciting and so powerful has been lost, this, however, is quite clearly made up for by the sheer ability portrayed on the new record. Okay, and now for the breakdown and analysis of a record that probably has more passion in it than I do in my entire body... The vocals have come on leaps and bounds, showing both a lot more power and a lot more control. Guitarist Dallas Green's voice has definitely grown more confident after playing his 'City and Colour' side project for sometime while lead singer George Pettit's vocals have become more focused and more diverse, which is a definite plus. Guitar wise: both Steele's bass and Wade McNeil and Green's 6 strings have improved their sounds, found a bit more intonation and a bit more fluidity to the playing style, It's given the band a more mature sound. A less digital sounding distortion has done wonders for letting the other intricacies of the band shine through. Drums: I feel the rhythm and fluidity of the album are held together in a much tighter way on this album by Jesse Ingelevics and can't help feeling a little more groove in the songs because of this. All in all, a very impressive album for one of Canada's fastest growing exports and well worth a listen, If you appreciated the last albums then you will appreciate this, If you find the last two albums somewhat lacking, it is definitely worth a look. Your opinion may change.

Track Listing:-
1 Drunks, Lovers, Sinners And Saints
2 This Could Be Anywhere In The World
3 Mailbox Arson
4 Boiled Frogs
5 We Are The Sound
6 You Burn First
7 We Are The End
8 Crisis
9 Keep It On Wax
10 To A Friend
11 Rough Hands

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