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Beatglider v Shinri - Ep

  by Andy Vincent

published: 14 / 4 / 2006

Beatglider v Shinri - Ep
Label: Select Label
Format: CDS


Intriguing, but too gently-paced post rock on split EP from Essex-based outfits, Beatglider and Shinri

This EP is a four song split release between two Essex-based post rock bands, Beatglider and Shinri. The opening two tracks are performed by Beatglider and the final two come from Shinri. Opener 'Lights on the Water' is a slow moving, peaceful song, and in some senses this is the only way to describe it. It's pleasant, but never really feels like it reaches a peak. The words that ran through my head when I listened to this was "ending sequence in a sad movie" because it feels like it could fill the void in any emotional ending with its soft pace and sincerity. This feeling runs through onto Beatglider's second track 'The Rattlesnake', although this song feels slightly more ethereal and, whilst still retaining what made the first track beautiful, is a little more accessible, with less of the meandering feeling of the first track. It is again another pleasant number. Shinri's first song 'Sever' is more up paced and more uplifting although it still maintains the peaceful, relaxed tones of both Beatglider tracks. The track itself makes more of a connection with the listener both in its lyrical content and instantly engaging nature. The EP then rolls onto the final track of the release. 'Corn Fields' is another slow paced track and once more maintains the relaxed mood of the EP, although I do wonder if perhaps the order was correct, and maybe 'Sever' should have been paced last. Ending on a high note is always a good idea, but the track itself is strong and shows that the band know what their style is and how to pull it off well. It's a well written and well recorded EP that has an atmosphere of its own with the two bands complimenting each other well. It does, however, feel as if it's moving at far too slow a pace for its own good. This could be attributed to the intentions of the musicians but personally I prefer something with a little faster-paced.

Track Listing:-
1 Beatglider- Light On The Water
2 Beatglider- The Rattlesnake
3 Shinri- Sever
4 Shinri- Corn Fields

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