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Hot Gossip - Angles

  by Andy Vincent

published: 8 / 2 / 2007

Hot Gossip - Angles
Label: Ghost
Format: CD


Fantastic angular pop rock from new Italian trio Hot Gossip

Hot Gossip are an Italian 3 piece, and this album, 'Angles', is their first full length release. That is all you need to know. They are a band with image. They're three good looking guys, who dress well and (I presume) know the right moves, but all that is irrelevant. What is important is they're actually fantastic at what they do...which, as the title of the album may suggest, is play angular pop rock. It's fantastic, full of the types of hooks and trashy noise that bigger British bands like Bloc Party could only dream of. From the start of the 'Intro' track, the album constantly achieves its clear cut task of making pop with credibility and passion. Hot Gossip create a type of energy rarely seen in bands of their kind. Not only are songs like 'Five', 'Real Mess' and 'Prima' all catchy as hell, they're incredibly entertaining and, above that, immensely singable. A damn fine debut release, and, if the press coverage and publicity is right, a guaranteed hit on these shores as well as their own...

Track Listing:-
1 Intro
2 Five
3 Do It
4 Real Mess
5 Mother Says
6 John Rowland
7 (Things Happen) On Tuesday
8 Same Old
9 Before Tonight
10 La mort
11 No Party
12 Stab City
13 Haarp

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