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Holy Mountain - Enemies

  by Andy Vincent

published: 22 / 9 / 2006

Holy Mountain - Enemies
Label: Select Label
Format: CD


Awakward, unimaginative political hardcore from American punks, Holy Mountain

From the outset, my first thoughts were "I hope this gets better" which is never a good start. There's sections that just make me cringe. Maybe that's the effect they're going for but it doesn't suit me well. There are some solid guitar and bass sections and some great drumming. Singer Ponch's vocals are somewhat lacking and it all seems just a bit muddied by it's own aims and ambitions. Don't get me wrong, It is slowly growing on me but it's taking its time! It's not a bad record by any stretch, It's just a tad, well, messy... The politicisms on it are also old and have been used by most other politically charged bands from the last 20 years. From a label of such calibre as No Idea, I somehow expected more... Instead, this album is incredibly rough around the edges. I fully understand the direction and ideals but perhaps they just don't match up with my own, and perhaps too it's just simply an awkward listen.

Track Listing:-
1 Manufacturing Political Leverage
2 The Will Of The People
3 Penned In
4 Historical Reassurance
5 Rope Or Bullet
6 Spilling Currency
7 The Sovereign State
8 Re-Construction
9 Wrath
10 America (Live)
11 Slaves (Live)

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