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Death Before Dishonor - Friends Family Forever

  by Andy Vincent

published: 10 / 12 / 2006

Death Before Dishonor - Friends Family Forever
Label: Bridge 9
Format: CD


Energetic old school hardcore rock on re-release of American band Death Before Dishonour's debut album from 2004, 'Firends Family Forever'

I read the title of Death Before Dishonour's re-released debut album from 2004 and thought “what a nice album name for what looks like a really heavy band." I started to play the album and soon realised why. These guys are an old school hardcore band and really brutal! The band are somewhat easier on the ear to listen to than a lot of hardcore bands with metal riffs sitting next to the hardcore and even in some places... a melody! Songs as 'Born from Misery' and 'Curl Up and Die' create an amazing raw hardcore sound that's incredibly visceral and even more energetic. A great hardcore CD and with such song titles how could anyone not love them ? Death Before Dishonour are proof that hardcore is not dead and is still going strong in many circles.

Track Listing:-
1 Born From Misery
2 Endless Suffering
3 By My Side
4 Never Again
5 Walk Away
6 Dying Inside
7 6.6.6. (Friends Family Forever)

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