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One Little Indian


Alabama 3 (2005)

How Can I Protect You ?
Latest single from Brixton-based country acid house rockers Alabama 3

Alabama 3 (2005)

ICompelling and groundbreaking fifth album from Brixton bad boys Alabama 3, back with a fifth album of innovative Country Acid House

Alabama 3 (2007)

Subtly growing and eventually highly rewarding latest album from self-described pioneers of acid-house-gospel-country-blues, the Alabama 3

Asgeir (2017)

Rising Icelandic star Asgeir returns with his follow-up to the bestselling 'In the Silence' and proves that he is a name to watch in the near future

Asobi Seksu (2007)

Walk on the Moon
Impressive debut UK single from New York-based shoegazing group Asobi Seksu

Asobi Seksu (2007)

Optimistic-sounding first single from New York bliss-rockers Asobi Seksu's long awaited second album, 'Citrus'

Asobi Seksu (2007)

Vibrant-sounding electronic pop on upbeat second album of shoegazing New York-based art rockers Asobi Seksu

Asobi Seksu (2007)

Catchy and hypnotic, if monotone new single from Japanese-American New York-based shoegazing band, Asobi Seksua

Asobi Seksu (2008)

Me and Mary
Stunning, more pop-based new single, the first from their forthcoming third album, from New York/Japanese shoegazing act, Asobi Seksu

Astrid Williamson (2011)

Offbeat yet ultimately deeply moving fifth album from Scottish singer-songwriter and pianist Astrid Williamson, which finds her collaborating with ambient guitarist Leo Abrahams

Astrid Williamson (2009)

Here Come the Vikings
Eclectic fourth solo album from Shetland Isles-born and now Brighton-based singer-songwriter Astrid Williamson, which while remaining true to her folk roots, also finds her venturing inton the environs of torch song, soul and pop-rock.

Bc Camplight (2007)

Blink of a Nihilist
Distinctive off-kilter pop, which merges occasionally dark and disturbing subject matter with catchy tunes, from BC Camplight, the pseudonym of American musician Brian Christinzio

Benjamin Zephaniah (2005)

Debut album of music from radical poet Benjamin Zephaniah, which sadly falls " between musical genres and without any clear place to be or go"

Big Sleep (2007)

Son of the Tiger
Indefinable and completely unique indie rock from Brooklyn-based three piece with a devil-may-care attitude

Bjork (2004)

Who Is It ?
Wacky new single from the ever eccentric Bjork, one of the few tracks on her new album to feature traditional instruments

Bjork (2004)

Difficult, but rewarding new album from Bjork, which finds her abandoning all instrumentation except for some programming, and is entirely vocally led

Bjork (2005)

Triumphs Of A Heart
Second single from Bjork's controversial new album 'Medulla', which finds her , like most of the other tracks on that album, abandoning all instruments

Bjork (2007)

Cinematic-sounding sixth official studio album from Bjork, which finds her as always pushing against convention

Bjork (2007)

Earth Intruders
Powerful download only first single from her new album,'Volta', for the eccentric, but loveable Bjork

Bjork (2007)

Enjoyably offbeat download only new single with four different remixes from Bjork

Bjork (2008)

Powerful latest single from Bjork which comes in five mixes

Bjork (2013)

Fabulously inventive and intensely moving collection of remixes of tracks from Bjork's album, 'Biophilia'

Black Box Recorder (2003)

"Classy" third album from Black Box Recorder finds them "as always razor sharp in their observations on modern culture"

Black Box Recorder (2003)

These Are The Things
More commercial than usual new EP and first music in three years from Black Box Recorder

Dan Sartain (2007)

Join Dan Sartain
Rootsy rock 'n' roll on second album from American-based singer-songwriter Dan Sartain whose whose music is is a post punk version of the vintage Sun Records sound

Dan Sartain (2012)

Too Tough to Live
Infectious lo-fi mini-album from Birmingham, Alabama-based singer-songwriter Dan Sartain, which merges late 50's rock 'n' roll with a punk edge

Dan Sartain (2010)

Energetic-sounding rock 'n' roll on first album in four years from Alabama-born multi-instrumentalist, Dan Sartain

Day One (2007)

Probably Art
Uninspiring and repetitive second album from Bristol-based trip-hop duo Day One

Deadman (2005)

Our Eternal Ghosts
Underwhelming Americana on second album from Texan duo, Deadman, the band of married couple Steven and Sherilyn Collins

Fireman (2008)

Electric Arguments
Excellent and experimental third album from the Fireman, the project of former Beatle, Paul McCartney, and ex-Killing Joke bass player, Youth.

Fireman (2009)

Dance 'Til We're High
Fantastic second download single from 'Electric Arguments', the third album from the Fireman, the collaboration between Paul McCartney and ex-Killing Joke producer Youth

Flats (2012)

Better Living
Intense and brilliant metal punk on debut album from London-based group, Flats

Fufanu (2017)

Catchy and immensely promising second album from extrovert and unique Icelandic electronic duo Fufanu

Hot Snakes (2005)

Audit In Progress
Raucous, crowd-pleasing third album from exciting and inventive power rockers, Hot Snakes

Jeff Klein (2005)

The Hustler
Superb second album from Texan singer-songwriter Jess Klein, who "comes across like a sleazy cross between Frank Sinatra, Dashboard Confessional and Dylan in his early years"

Jeff Klein (2006)

The Hustler
Rich and atmospheric-sounding new album from acclaimed singer-songwriter Jeff Klein, which comes as a deliberate contrast to his sparse last album 'Everybody Loves a Winner'

Jesse Malin (2007)

Glitter in the Gutter
Inspired third solo album from much acclaimed New York-based alt. country singer-songwriter Jesse Malin, which finds him re-establishing the punk sound of his youth

Jesse Malin (2007)

Broken Radio
Punchy new single from New York-based singer-song writer, which features Bruce Springsteen on backing vocals

Jesse Malin (2007)

Love Streams
Overtly polished, but thoroughly disappointing latest single from much hyped New York singer songwriter Jesse Malin

Jesse Malin (2008)

On Your Sleeve
Unadventurous and somewhat bland collection of covers on fourth album from the usually dynamic New York-based singer-songwriter Jesse Malin

Joe Pernice (2009)

It Feels So Good When I Stop
Innovative latest album from American singer-songwriter Joe Pernice, who has put together what he describes as a 'novel soundtrack' of cover songs to accompany his first work of fiction

Kathryn Williams (2010)

The Quickening
Instinctive and experimental eighth album from Kathryn Williams, which finds moving further away from her traditional folk roots

Land of Talk (2007)

Applause Cheers Boo Hiss
Brisk and entertaining abrasive rock on debut album from Canadian-based group Land of Talk

Land of Talk (2008)

Speak to Me Bones
Perplexing, but impressive second single from Montreal band Land of Talk's debut album, 'Applause Cheer Boo Hiss'

Mighty Roars (2007)

Swine and Cockerel
Gutsy, but unmelodic and forgettable punk rock on debut album from london-based trio the Mighty Roars

Mighty Roars (2006)

Unremarkable second single on One Little Indian for London based art rockers the Mighty Roars, which takes all its inspiration from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Minus (2008)

The Great Northern Whalekill
Gritty-sounding, riff-centred rock on excellent fourth album from visionary Icelandic stoner band, Minus

Mixtapes and Cellmates (2007)

Mixtapes and Cellmates
Dull and somewhat substandard Radio Dept-influenced pop on debut album from Swedish group Mixtapes and Cellmates

Nic Armstrong (2004)

Greatest White Liar
Excellent and thoroughly authentic debut album from new talent Nic Armstrong, who puts the majority of other 60's copyists to shame

Official Secrets Act (2009)

Understanding Electricity
Exceptional debut album from much hyped London-based pop band Official Secrets Act, who prove with it to be far more than a great singles band

Official Secrets Act (2009)

The Girl from the BBC
Catchy-as-hell new single from recent One Little Inidan signing who seem destined for mainstream chart success

Olof Arnalds (2010)

Innundir Skinni
Excellent vinyl only single from Icelandic singer Olof Arnalds, who has drawn comparisons with Bjork and Sigur Ros

One Little Plane (2012)

Into the Trees
Exciting and innovative second album from Chicago-based psychedelic folk three-piece, One Little Plane

Pernice Brothers (2006)

Live a Little
Latest album of high quality pop from the increasingly experimental Pernice Brothers

Queenadreena (2005)

Live At The ICA
Live album recorded in London from Queen Adreena, which includes in its line-up Katie Jane Garside and guitarist Crispin Grey, both of whom were in the ground breaking Daisy Chainsaw

Rairbirds (2007)

Rairbirds 1
Ultimately disappointing debut album from Cornish funk/dance group Rairbirds, who try to hard to impress

Rose Kemp (2006)

Stunning nerve-wrought One Little Indian debut single from Cumbrian songstress, Rose Kemp

Rose Kemp (2008)

Unholy Majesty
Intense, but innovative third album from Cumbria-born singer-songwriter Rose Kemp, whose eclectic range of influences on it expand from Regina Spektor to Vashti Bunyan, Led Zeppelin to Tool and PJ Harvey to Rage Against The Machine, and which proves to be her most exprimental album to date

Shelleyan Orphan (2008)

We Have Everything We Need
Experimental, eclectic alternative pop on fine fourth album from Bournmouth-based duo Shelleyann Orphan, who are back after a sixteen year hiatus

Stalkers (2007)

Yesterday is No Tomorrow
Appealing, if somewhat monotonous-sounding 70's-influenced punk on debut album from New York-based group the Stalkers

Stalkers (2008)

In Your Street/Feral Children
Scruffy, but decent-sounding garage rock from hit and miss New York-based five-piece the Stalkers

Tim Bowness (2005)

My Hotel Year
Intimate and subtle post rock on debut solo album from Tim Bowness, who has previously worked with Porcupines Tree's Steven Wilson in No-Man, Centrozoon, Richard Barbieri and David Torn

Twilight Singers (2004)

Blackberry Belle
Melancholic, but excellent second album from the Twilight Singers, which proves to be a stunning return to form for frontman, former Afghan Whigs singer Greg Dulli

Underground Railroad (2007)

Watch and Play
Formulaic pop punk from new French trio Underground Railroad, rectified by its more promising B sides

Underground Railroad (2008)

Sticks and Stones
Often enthralling 80's influenced post punk on second album from France-formed, but now London-based group, Underground Railraod



Dan Sartain
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Dan Sartain has been receiving a lot of acclaim for his brand of garage blues/punk rock. Mark Rowland chats to the Alabama-based singer-songwriter, who has recently signed to One Little Indian, about his recording career to date, and his dissatisfaction the current music scene

Rose Kemp
Interview Miscellaneous - Interview

Only 20, Carlisle-born, but now Bristol-based singer-songwriter Rose Kemp has recently signed to One Little Indian Records. She chats to Sarah Johnson about touring, her latest EP and forthcoming new album

Rose Kemp
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Carlisle-born singer Rose Kemp has recently released her third album through One Little Indian. Sarah Johnson speaks to her outside a gig at the Brixton Windmill and they witness a robbery

Rose Kemp
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In a second interview with Pennyblackmusic, Bristol-based singer-songwriter Rose Kemp Rose Kemp speaks to Sarah Johnson about her just released third album, 'Unholy Majesty', which has come out on One Little Indian, and the procs and cons of being a professional musician in internet culture

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