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Mighty Roars - Swine and Cockerel

  by Sarah Maybank

published: 21 / 4 / 2007

Mighty Roars - Swine and Cockerel
Label: One Little Indian
Format: CD


Gutsy, but unmelodic and forgettable punk rock on debut album from london-based trio the Mighty Roars

Here’s an interesting new angle for the size zero debate. Slim enough to squeeze themselves through an airbrick hole, pipe cleaner-limbed rocksters the Mighty Roars should have teenagers' parents on a nationwide red alert. Sensible grown-ups can use all the locks, keys and threats of lifetime grounding they want. But as long as there’s a trio of skinny-assed provocateurs on the loose, who can ease themselves through the brickwork in the time it takes to say, “Haven’t you got that micro-mini in anything smaller than a size six?” can they ever be sure their precious Year 10, grade A offspring is really just playing their music loud in their room? Or are they in fact helping Lara Granqvist and co re-enact the more debauched scenes from Led Zeppelin: The Hotel Room Memoirs? The perfect outfit for anyone who ever got hot and bothered by listening to metal-plated power chords or checking out the racier shots of platinum-locked, clothes-shy Transvision Vampstress Wendy James, the babe-fronted Roars deliver heads-down rock in the manner of a deranged Mafiosi screaming death threats down a call box telephone. Light on the melody front – though chantable in an thuggish, Sham 69 way -'Swine And Cockerel' puts a lot of blood, sweat and tears into filling the Distillers-sized hole in your life while simultaneously making you realise how much you miss them. It might match the 'Stillers riff for riff in terms of gutsy aggression (and cover art), but when it comes to drill ‘em into your brain tunes, frustratingly, it falls shorter than a Paris Hilton hemline. Our advice? Buy, play loud and light a candle for Brody Dalle.

Track Listing:-
1 Sellotape
2 Captain's Ship
3 Daddy Oh
4 Whale
5 Kiss It
6 Wish Everything
7 Funky Machine
8 !!!romeo
9 Jude And Sienna
10 Bag It Up
11 The Muffin Man
12 Whipped My Bitch

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77 Posted By: John Garner, sussex on 27 Apr 2007
total crap what a bunch of losers!

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