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Queenadreena - Live At The ICA

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 22 / 12 / 2005

Queenadreena - Live At The ICA
Label: One Little Indian
Format: CD


Live album recorded in London from Queen Adreena, which includes in its line-up Katie Jane Garside and guitarist Crispin Grey, both of whom were in the ground breaking Daisy Chainsaw

This album was recorded live at the small ICA club in London's Pall Mal in March 2005, and is also now out as a live DVD. Queen Adreena are the follow on band for vocalist Katie Jane Garside and guitarist Crispin Grey after the ground breaking Daisy Chainsaw, whom along with Hole and Babes in Toyland invented what was riot gurl. The gig starts with 'Medicine Jar', which is bass heavy, has a raw primitive beat and is pure rock n roll. Katie's vocals recall those of Iggy Pop at the time of 'Raw Power', but is anything even more deranged. 'Join The Dots' is slow and filthy, sung in a seductive way, and backed by a bluesy crawl of a beat. 'Cold Fish' and 'Pull Me Under' are both also very raw. The latter features a slow groove before going into a full on alternative rock beat at its very best. 'Wolverines' is like a classic 60's garage rock number, while 'Fuck Me Doll' is again raw as fuck, but did you expect it to be anything else ? 'Princess Carwash' is headbanging rock, big drums, big riffs, and once more features seductive vocals. 'Birdnest Hair' is slow and compared to the rest of the set almost balladic, but on 'Ascending Stars', which is as screwed up as early Throwing Muses, it is back to the punk rock. 'Pretty Like Drugs' is like a riot gurl number. 'Razorblade Sky' is moody and gentle with an early Sugarcubes feel before moving into grungy Pixies territory. 'Sulk' again recalls the Pixies, while 'Pretty Polly', which is greeted like a lost best friend, is again reflective.

Track Listing:-
1 Medicine Jar
2 In Red
3 Join The Dots
4 Cold Fish
5 Pull Me Under
6 Wolverines
7 Fuck Me Doll
8 Princess Carwash
9 Birdnest Hair
10 Ascending Stars
11 Pretty Like Drugs
12 Razorblade Sky
13 Suck
14 Pretty Polly

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