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Alabama 3 - Outlaw

  by Philip Vincent

published: 19 / 5 / 2005

Alabama 3 - Outlaw
Label: One Little Indian
Format: CD


ICompelling and groundbreaking fifth album from Brixton bad boys Alabama 3, back with a fifth album of innovative Country Acid House

I had never really heard anything from this band apart from 'The Sopranos' theme tune before being sent this album, and blow me what a mistake I made. I love this record! And I say that very rarely. If you have never heard this band, let me explain a bit. Although they are entitled Alabama 3 they are neither from Alabama or a 3 piece. They originate from Brixton, London and range in size from a 6 piece to a full 10 piece touring band, led by the gravel voiced God that is Larry Love. They play a style of music that on paper looks like it should quiver and die but in fact gives me a kick so hard it bruises. Country Acid House is the way forward, brothers and sisters, and if you don’t believe me take a listen to any of the tracks on this album! For me the highlights are the first single 'Johnny Cash' and 'Up Above my Head', a gospel inspired beautiful song with one of the biggest choruses you will ever hear. This is album number five in what is approaching a ten year career for the band and althoughI have not heard much of their earlier work, I feel that this album is really cutting through the trash that is abound in this wonderful industry of ours. On 'How Can I Protect You' the boy band style chorus is actually sung by the hardest partying Irish group of singers you will meet. Which puts a lovely little twist on the whole beauty of the track. I can’t say enough good things about this record. Me? I am converted fully to the preachings of Larry Love and brothers and I believe you should all let the light of the good gospel enter your lives too. Amen

Track Listing:-
1 Train Intro
2 Last Train To Mashville
3 Terra Firma Cowboy Blues
4 Keep Your Shades On!
5 Hello... I'm Johnny Cash
6 Up Above My Head
7 Adrenaline
8 Have You Seen Bruce Richard Reynolds [feat. Bruce Reynolds]
9 Honey In The Rock
10 How Can I Protect You
11 Let It Slide
12 The Gospel Train

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