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Philip Vincent


Alabama 3

Country Acid House pioneers the Alabama 3 have just released their fifth album 'Outlaw'. Philip Vincent speaks to frontman Larry Love about it and the band's unique take on politics at a gig in Southampton

St Thomas

Back after a four year absence, softly melancholic London trio arco recently returned with a second album, Restraint'. Philip Vincent speaks to them about it and why they have been so long away
Septembre is the new band of Terry Abbott, the former frontman with mainstream grunge act, Vex Red. He talks to Philip Vincent about starting over again and the band's new debut EP
Norwegian indie folk band St Thomas have just released their latest album, 'Let's Grow Together-The Comeback of St Thomas' on the Track and Field label. Philip Vincent talks to them about it and touring

Favourite Albums


Hard rock band Vex Red were briefly touted as the next big thing, but recorded just one album, 'Start with a Strong and Persistent Desire' before splitting up. Phil Vincent explains 18 months on from their demise why it continues to have a grip on him


Tales from the Sound Desk

Tales from the Sound Desk

In the second and final part of his account of touring Europe with a rising indie band, Phil Vincent writes of two nights in the Netherlands, and trying to maintain order with his drunken group
In the opening instalment of a new episode in his 'Tales of the Sound Desk' series, sound engineer/tour manager Phil Vincent tells of travelling across Europe with a rising indie band, and a fraught first day surviving lost passports, a dodgy van and Rotterdam's lack of parking facilities

Stray Cats

In the third and final part of his account of working at this summer's TDK Cross Festival in his new 'Tales from the Sound Desk' series, Philip Vincent tells of its second day
In the second episode of a three part article in his new series 'Tales from the Sound Desk', professional sound engineer Philip Vincent writes about a nightmarish evening working at the TDK Cross Central Festival, which took place at Kings Cross Freight Depot in London in August
In the opening episode of a three part article in a new series, professional sound engineer Philip Vincent writes about his experiences working at the TDK Cross Central Festival, which took place at Kings Cross Freight Depot in London and featured acts such as Grace Jones, Goldfrapp and the Others
80's rockabilly outfit the Stray Cats have recently returned with a new live DVD and CD, 'Rumble in Brixton'. Philip Vincent welcomes their return, but finds little new or essential except for die-hard fans


BabyPinkStar Vs Bonnie Tyler
Alabama 3

Unfulfilling debut album from electro act Ichinchilla, the project of London-based musician Ichinchilla
Brilliant reworking of classic Bonnie Tyler number by pop act BabyPinkStar
Disappointing compilation of British folk artists on ex-Verve guitarist Simon Tong's new Butterfly Recordings label
Latest single from Brixton-based country acid house rockers Alabama 3

Against Me
Drunk Horse
Jeff Klein
Little Freddie King

Unsatisfying latest offering from usually more reliable Florida-based punks Against Me !
Excellent fourth album and collection of hard rock from San Francisco band Drunk Horse
Superb second album from Texan singer-songwriter Jess Klein, who "comes across like a sleazy cross between Frank Sinatra, Dashboard Confessional and Dylan in his early years"
Disappointing compilation from Mississipi blues artist Little Freddie King on the usually reliable Fat Possum label which proves to be surprisingly lacking in soul

Paint It Black
Alabama 3
Do Me Bad Things
Do Me Bad Things

Short sharp punchy punk on the Jade Tree label on second album from Paint It Black, which proves to be "like a shot of adrenalin straight to the heart"
ICompelling and groundbreaking fifth album from Brixton bad boys Alabama 3, back with a fifth album of innovative Country Acid House
Dire debut album from the hightly touted Do me Bad Things, which totally fails to live up to the hype
Flawed attempt at combining 1970’s style hard rock with disco tunes from the same era from the much hyped Do Me Bad Things

Tom Vek
Mind Capsule
White Lies

Melodic and impressive post hardcore on debut album from new Isle of Wight group Jacoba, who look destined for a promising future
Wishy washy and uninspiring lo fi pop on new single from the highly touted Tom Vek
Indulgent guitar rock in the the vein of Steve Vai and Joe Satriani from Mind Capsule, the nom de plume for American musician and producer Robert Sadowski
Debut single from new Brit rockers White Lies, whom seems destined to make Top 10 and NME column space

Silver Ray
Restless Diesel
Le Tetsuo
Point Line Plane

Third album of prog rock chillout music from instrumental three piece Silver Ray , which despite drawing comparisions with the likes of Godspeed You Black Emperor, Sigur Ros and Mogwai, proves not to be in quite the same class
Ropily produced, but thoroughly enjoyable pop rock on debut Ep from new London act, Restless Diesel
Middle-of-the-road and predictable debut single from new Norwich based Gang of Four-inspired alt. rockers, Le Tetsuo
Excellent art rock and electonica on debut record from new American band, which proves to be "epic, melancholic, tuneful and discordant in pretty much equal measure"

Thee Moths
Tara Jane O'Neil
Gary Youngs Hospital

Almost unlistenable art rock on debut record by new Scottish act, Thee Moths
Dreamy folk rock from long-serving solo artist and former frontwoman with Rodan, Retsin and rhe Sonora Pine, Tara Jabe O' Neill
Abstract and appalling second album from former Pavement drummer Gary Young's occasional art rock project
'Delicious" and happy-with-the-world new single from Kansas-based Americana duo, the Belles

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