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Drunk Horse - In Tongues

  by Philip Vincent

published: 7 / 7 / 2005

Drunk Horse - In Tongues
Label: Tee Pee
Format: CD


Excellent fourth album and collection of hard rock from San Francisco band Drunk Horse

Yeah!! Rock music has most definitely returned. I was highly dubious before putting this CD in my player but as soon as the opening riff to 'Strange Transgressors' kicked in and I had my Aviators on driving at breakneck speed into the sunset I knew that this album was a piece of kick ass balls out full on break neck Rock and Roll. In my opinion I would say the band sound most like Thin Lizzy but. to be honest, there are so many comparisons that could be made to other hard rock bands that its neither here nor there. If you are a fan of The Datsuns, The Hives and other such current entities then this offering from Drunk Horse is most definitely for you. It takes what is currently being rehashed by the current speight of the “The” bands and takes it up a notch or three. Combine this with the rather excellent foray into Prog Rock on final track 'Skydog' and all together you have a pretty damn good solid album which can easily stay on for several repeats before starting to push the boredom boundaries, a feat rarely achieved by other albums that I own!

Track Listing:-
1 Strange Transgressors
2 Nice Hooves
3 Howard Phillips
4 Priestmaker
5 Self-Help
6 Vatican Shuffle
7 Grinding Teeth
8 Reformed Asshole
9 Reverse Close Encounter
10 Skydog

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