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Gary Youngs Hospital - The Grey Album

  by Philip Vincent

published: 15 / 9 / 2004

Gary Youngs Hospital - The Grey Album
Label: Omnibus
Format: CD


Abstract and appalling second album from former Pavement drummer Gary Young's occasional art rock project

The press release that I got with this album starts off by saying how Gary Young’s career is ironic. Now the only thing I can see being ironic is how music this bad can get pressed, released and end up in my CD player. Gary Young was the drummer in Pavement in their early years, Ah yes, Pavement, that seminal band, so trading on that must be what gives this the right to be released. I have truly tried to like this record and at some parts it does begin to sound like Pink Floyd (just a really loose, scrappy, not particularly good Pink Floyd). This is, however, let down by Young's vocals which are flat and lifeless and to my ears don't sit in the mix well. Of course there will be a following for this style of music. There always is. Art type indie kids who believe that abstract music is “really cool” will get down to it on their big headphones and their laptops in their squat parties. I think I better stop there before someone puts a “hit” out on me. Needless to say this album is terrible. If you think I’m wrong feel free to get in contact, hurl abuse, show me the error of my ways but unfortunately I feel it may be a wasted effort.

Track Listing:-
1 Outside
2 Antagonist Aside
3 Am I Headless Even Now?
4 Happy
5 Disorder
6 The Long Song
7 I'm Going Through The Same Mid Life Crisis As Phil Collins (True Love)
8 Vegetarians Are A Token
9 Ancient Days
10 Fred Named Friend
11 Refrigerator Light
12 Expecting To Flee

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