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Ichinchilla - Zulu Landing

  by Philip Vincent

published: 8 / 8 / 2007

Ichinchilla - Zulu Landing
Label: Coney Island
Format: CD


Unfulfilling debut album from electro act Ichinchilla, the project of London-based musician Ichinchilla

Now I really wanted to like this album but from the start it became apparent that I wasn't going to. Musically it is awesome, good filthy electronica with a subtle British twist but lyrically and vocally it is dire. Tracks like 'Brian Jones' about...well...Brian Jones had the abiity to be something special but the lacklustre vocal performance and lyrics of Patrick Wright, whose is Ichinchilla's main man , sound like someone's first attempt at songwriting and amount to nothing. The press release says that London is the inspiration behind the album and on the evidence of this vocal performance London must be a really dull place to live in right now! There are some saving graces on the album though. The whole album has a definite Daft Punk feel and the closer 'Dear Brian' is a cross between trance and the underground electro that is so prevalent at the moment. As the album finisher it works a treat. Ultimately the album misses the fierceness and immediacy that is so essential in this style of music and left me as a listener wanting something more.

Track Listing:-
1 Planet Of Soul
2 Brian Jones
3 Record-Player
4 Le Renard Artic
5 Sheffield
6 December
7 Ice Cream
8 Wobble
9 The Ball Of Confusion
10 Death Punk Electro
11 I Ichinchilla
12 Dear Brian

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