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Tara Jane O'Neil - You Sound, Reflect

  by Philip Vincent

published: 16 / 9 / 2004

Tara Jane O'Neil - You Sound, Reflect
Label: Quarterstick
Format: CD


Dreamy folk rock from long-serving solo artist and former frontwoman with Rodan, Retsin and rhe Sonora Pine, Tara Jabe O' Neill

The first time I listened to this CD through I really liked it but then as I re-listened and re-listened to I slowly lost interest. I think for me there is too much on the folk side and not enough on the electro side, but that is just a personal opinion. There is no denying it though that Tara Jane O'Neill has a wonderful voice and a definite ear for a good melody. In a strange way many of the tracks on 'You Sound, Reflect' have a similar pulse to the last A Perfect Circle album but with a much lower pressure! I did find that after a few listens every track did begin to roll in to one and therefore it lent itself very well to falling asleep to. In actual fact the best time to listen to this album would be at 2 AM with candles, good friends and becoming pleasantly drowsy. Its difficult to pick out one particular track that is better than the others. Tara Jane O' Neill does what she set out to do with all of them which is produce sonic dreamscapes that you can navigate with your ears open and your eyes shut. This album shouldn’t and in my eyes can’t be broken down into individual tracks as it is more than that. If I get the opportunity to see her live I’m going take it, I reckon the live act would be truly moving and an inspiring experience.

Track Listing:-
1 Take The Waking
2 Howl
3 The Poisoned Mine
4 Love Song Long
5 Tracer
6 Famous Yellow Belly
7 I Call You
8 Without Push
9 Ours Soared
10 A Snapshot
11 Known Perils
12 Tea Is Better Than Poison

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