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Alabama 3


Interview (2012)

Peter Allison talks to Larry Love from Alabama 3 about his band's hip hop and sample-infused latest album, 'Shoplifting 4 Jesus', and which finds them reflecting angrily on the global economy, digital piracy and the London riots.

Interview (2009)

Alabama 3 - Interview

At a gig at Rock City in Nottingham, Peter Allison speaks to D Wayne Love, the voclaist with the Alabama 3, about the political ideals and opinions of his band

Interview (2007)

Alabama 3 - Interview

At a show in Nottingham vocalist D Wayne Love and keyboardist Spirit of Love from country acid house group the Alabama 3 speak to Peter Allison about their love of touring, new album 'M.O.R.' and what they see as their role as outsiders in the music industry

Interview (2005)

Alabama 3 - Interview

Country Acid House pioneers the Alabama 3 have just released their fifth album 'Outlaw'. Philip Vincent speaks to frontman Larry Love about it and the band's unique take on politics at a gig in Southampton


Academy, Manchester, 29/11/2014

Alabama 3 - Academy, Manchester, 29/11/2014

At the Academy in Manchester Billy Seagrave watches Alabama 3 play an exuberant yet thought-provoking set

Rock City, Nottingham, 12/11//2009

Although playing a somewhat more lacklustre show than usual, Peter Allison finds the Alabama 3 still to be on superb form at a show at Rock City in Nottingham

Academy, Manchester, 26/4/2008

Alabama 3 - Academy, Manchester, 26/4/2008

Aaron Brown watches the Alabama 3 play a set of almost religious intensity with their unique combination of country, southern gospel and acid house at a show at the Manchester Academy

Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, 8/10/2007

Alabama 3 - Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, 8/10/2007

At the Nottingham Rescue Rooms Peter Allison watches acid house/country act Alabama 3 play an enthralling set to promote their latest album, 'M.O.R.'

Brook, Southampton, 29/5/2005

Alabama 3 - Brook, Southampton, 29/5/2005

Country and western acid house rockers Alabama 3 recently toured Britain. At the Southampton Brook Philip Vincent watches them play to an obsessive crowd and finds them a totally "unique live experience"


Shoplifting 4 Jesus (2012)

Confrontational, yet hopeful new album from the Alabama 3 whose themes include the economic recession, digital piracy and the riots, and which finds them blending reggae and hip hop into their gospel/acid/country sound

M.O.R. (2007)

Subtly growing and eventually highly rewarding latest album from self-described pioneers of acid-house-gospel-country-blues, the Alabama 3

How Can I Protect You ? (2005)

Latest single from Brixton-based country acid house rockers Alabama 3

Outlaw (2005)

ICompelling and groundbreaking fifth album from Brixton bad boys Alabama 3, back with a fifth album of innovative Country Acid House



Interview Rumer - Interview

Owen Peters talks to much acclaimed singer-songwriter Rumer about her forthcoming UK/European tour and recently released third album, 'Into the Colour'


Barbican, London, 24/2/2015 Rumer - Barbican, London, 24/2/2015

Owen Peters watches bestselling singer-songwriter Rumer play a pitch perfect set to an enraptured audience at the Barbican in London

Alabama 3
Rock City, Nottingham, 7/12/2012

Dave Goodwin at Rock City in Nottingham attends and photographs his first ever gig by anarchic country acid act Alabama 3, and finds them making unusual, yet perfect sense

Endorse It in Dorset
Oakley Farm. Dorset, 12/8/2011...14/8/2011

Helen Tipping finds much to enjoy at punk/alternative festival Endorse It in Dorset, which includes sets from New Model Army, the Alabama 3, the Members and the Rezillos

Hey Negrita
Academy, Manchester, 28/10/2006 Hey Negrita - Academy, Manchester, 28/10/2006

The support band to an acoustic Alabama 3 on their latest tour, Helen Tipping watches Hey Negrita's darkly humorous brand of alt. country have an infectious effect on the audience at the Manchester Academy

Alabama 3
Brook, Southampton, 17/10/2005 Akita, Masami - Brook, Southampton, 17/10/2005

When Philip Vincent saw acid house country rockers Alabama 3 in Southampton this summer, it was for him one of the musical highlights of his year. Back to see them there for a second time, he finds history sadly failing to repeat itself

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