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Alabama 3 - Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, 8/10/2007

  by Peter Allison

published: 20 / 10 / 2007

Alabama 3 - Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, 8/10/2007


At the Nottingham Rescue Rooms Peter Allison watches acid house/country act Alabama 3 play an enthralling set to promote their latest album, 'M.O.R.'

The crowd waiting for the Alabama 3 were an eclectic audience at best, even for a band that crosses both the acid house and country genres. While the audience were a diverse bunch, it was the warm up music that perhaps best demonstrated the versatility of the Alabama 3, ranging from chilled funk, to edge rock (While a support act was billed, none appeared; although it would have been interesting to see what shape that act took). Those hoping for more of the same, with the Alabama 3’s latest tour, would be disappointed. But more of the same would run contrary to what the Alabama 3 represent; and their latest album – 'M.O.R.' - reflects this, being distinctly more chilled and intimate than the defiant-edged 'Outlaw'(2005) or 'Power in the Blood' (2002). Opener 'Fly with Me', which was swiftly followed by 'Lockdown and Loaded', two of the opening tracks on 'M.O.R', set the tone and style for the night; while also acting as the introduction to the Alabama 3's new female vocalist, the Diva. But it was not until 'Too Sick to Pray' was played from their 2000 album, 'La Peste', that the crowd responded. The Alabama 3 built on this for the next track 'Shoot Me Up' from their 1997 debut, 'Exile on Coldharbour Lane' and then on throughout the night. Although the Diva seemed somewhat redundant on tracks from their previous albums, this was compensated for in the proliferation of their more recent work. Thus a balancing act ensued between the more widely recognised tracks of their previous albums and the not so well known ones of the new offering ensuring the Diva was used properly. While this reviewer would have preferred more tracks from 'Outlaw' and 'Power in the Blood', this was purely a personal preference. This was an overall excellent night, and one I would surely recommend.

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Alabama 3 - Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, 8/10/2007

Alabama 3 - Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, 8/10/2007

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