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Asobi Seksu - Me and Mary

  by John Clarkson

published: 8 / 11 / 2008

Asobi Seksu - Me and Mary
Label: One Little Indian
Format: CDS


Stunning, more pop-based new single, the first from their forthcoming third album, from New York/Japanese shoegazing act, Asobi Seksu

Quite how Asobi Seksu will play new single, ‘Me and Mary', live remains to be seen. There is no introductory instrumental. The New York/Japanese band’s latest record, the first from their forthcoming third album 'Hush', erupts into life, with singer Yuki Chikudate’s vocals and her keyboards and James Hanna’s guitar all bursting in together. The last time Asobi Seksu were in the music’s public’s general conscience with their 2007 album ‘Citrus’, they drew a lot of of shoegazing and My Bloody Valentine /Cocteau Twins’ comparisons. Yuki’s vocals, like those of Belinda Butcher and Elizabeth Fraser, continue to be ethereal. This time, however, the cascading keyboards and guitars have developed more of a pop edge, creating with their surging and breathless sound and glistening hooks, one of the most sublime and trillingly beautiful songs of the last year. The B side, ‘Breathe into Glass’, is softer, all echoing and vibrating chords and vocal harmonies, and, drifting away at its end in a gentle haze, shows the band at their most tender. On the evidence of each of these tracks, Asobi Seksu’s forthcoming tour in late November with Ladytron, and 'Hush' which is due out in mid February, are both going to be something much worth catching.

Track Listing:-
1 Me & Mary
2 Breathe Into Glass

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