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Asobi Seksu - Strawberries

  by Russell Ferguson

published: 2 / 12 / 2007

Asobi Seksu - Strawberries
Label: One Little Indian
Format: CDS


Catchy and hypnotic, if monotone new single from Japanese-American New York-based shoegazing band, Asobi Seksua

Asobi Seksu hail from the Big Apple. That's New York to most people. 'Strawberries' is the latest single from their second album, 'Citrus'. The intro starts a with a guitar which is then joined by the drums and then sneaking in behind them both a grinding and twanging bass. This solid sound forms the basis of almost the entire song. It is very simplistic and straightforward and hardly alters for the first two thirds of the songs, before towards the end it gains pace in an attempt to give it some variation. Yuki Chikudate sings over the top and you cannot understand a word she says until after a couple of plays you realize she is singing in her native Japanese. It doesn’t really matter one way or another. The whole song has a 60’s psychedelic and hippy feeling. The best way to describe Asobi Seksu would be as a shoegazing band with a light and airy sound similar to that of My Bloody Valentine, or one of the bands from the Sarah Records stable. The only difference is 'Strawberries' doesn’t have as much depth, but I am sure this record will fill the dance floor of any serious indie club. It is catchy in a hypnotic, if monotone way. The single comes with three remixes from CSS, the Whip and Ulrich Schnauss, all of which sound like you would expect remixes to sound. This is by no means a bad record, but it does not have any surprises on it and Asobi Seksu have also done much better records. Check out 'Thursday' or 'Goodbye', both of which are also on the 'Citrus' album !

Track Listing:-
1 Strawberries (Album Version)
2 Strawberries (CSS Remix)
3 Strawberries (The Whip Remix)
4 Strawberries (Ulrich Schnauss Remix)

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