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Stalkers - Yesterday is No Tomorrow

  by Andrew Carver

published: 7 / 11 / 2007

Stalkers - Yesterday is No Tomorrow
Label: One Little Indian
Format: CD


Appealing, if somewhat monotonous-sounding 70's-influenced punk on debut album from New York-based group the Stalkers

Just look at the cover of the Stalkers’ debut long player: Five New York guys arrayed on a couch ... where, oh where, have I seen that before? Oh right, The New Wave Hookers’ on Junk Records – and those NY Dolls guys. Unlike the Dolls, these Stalkers aren’t laid back – they’re leaning forward, ready to jump out and kick the listener about with some dirty riffs. The Stalkers have been described as fans of the Misfits and a band which only respects the aforementioned Dolls and AC/DC. I hear more of Johnny Thunders post-Dolls combo the Heartbreakers and U.S. powerpop, and perhaps a bit of early Clash. The title track leaps out of the gate with some snappy pop. It’s got a tough edge of dirty guitars. Lyrically there’s a bit of morose edge: You can put this song in rotation with the Real Kids and the Beat (the U.S. version fronted by Paul Collins) with no fear of killing the mood. The next tracks stay the course, with the sentimental ‘I’m Watching You’ throwing in some acoustic guitar for good measure. Throughout lead singer Andy Animal displays an appealing ragged voice, and the guitars match it for scruffy charm. Whoever is writing the tunes also has a good ear for amusing vignettes – they’re suspiciously clever for a group that’s supposed to be composed of down and outs. ‘Yesterday Is No Tomorrow’ isn’t brilliant. It doesn’t have any weak songs, but altogether they start too sound a bit similar. But if you’ve ever picked up an album by Stisism, the Makers during their early years, the Dirtys, Riverboat Gamblers or similar rock’n’roll combos you’ll want to check out the Stalkers.

Track Listing:-
1 Yesterday Is No Tomorrow
2 Sun's Coming Up
3 Circus Baby
4 I'm Watching You
5 Let's Get It Together
6 Feeling Alright
7 I Couldn't Wait To Get Home
8 How Can I Live Today
9 Blame Game
10 Silver Blood
11 Out In The Rain

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