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Andrew Carver



Andrew Carver reflects upon the history of Norwegian psychedelic act Motorpsycho and their classic fifth album, 'Blissard', which has recently been re-released in a four CD box set

National Health

Andrew Carver looks at the career of under-rated 70's rock outfit Stretch, who have a new compilation out, 'That's the Way the Wind Blows', and who have also released their first album in thirty four years, 'Unfinished Business'
Andrew Carver examines through new box set 'The Nazbox' the forty year and career of Scottish hard rockers, Nazareth
Andrew Carver examines the career of late 1960's and early 1970's West Coast act Spirit, who have had recently had two albums of previously lost material, 'The Original Potato Album' and 'Tales from the Westside', at last released
Andrew Carver reflects upon South London punk/rock 'n' roll band the Godfathers first two major label releases, 1988's 'Birth, School, Work, Death' and 1989's 'More Songs about Love and Hate', which have both recently been reissued

Live Reviews

Chains of Love

and in its second week the Waterboys, the Specials, Rush, Alice in Chains, Los Lobos and BB King
Andrew Carver is impressed by five day festival the Ottawa Explosion which, spread across ten venues, saw performances from over a hundred rock, punk and garage acts
Andrew Carver at Pressed in Ottawa watches 60's girl group-influenced act Chains of Love, with everything to prove, hold up their weight against the other two acts on a three band bill, explosive garage/new wave bands the Ketamines and Zebrasieres

Favourite Albums

Garbage and the Flowers
Lucy Show

Andrew Carver examines New Zealand noise duo the Garbage and The Flowers's 1997 debut album 'Eyes Rind As If Beggars', which has been re-released in a new double CD edition
Andrew Carver looks at London-formed band the Lucy Show's post-punk debut album, '...undone', which has recently been reissued on the American Words On Music label
Andrew Carver reflects upon 70's glam rock band the Rats long lost 'The Second Long Player', which has been recently rediscovered and restored



Lock Up Yours Sons !

After four years away, Japanese experimentalists Ghost recently returned with their seventh album, 'Hypnotic Underworld', which many critics say is their best work yet. Andrew Carver looks back over and examines their extraordinary career
Despite numerous break-ups and line-up changes, and a particulary apocalyptic and controversial image, Turbenegro have become one of the biggest bands on the Scandinavian guitar rock scene. Andrew Carver charts their unconventional rise

Royal Trux
Spencer Jones

Beginning "as a musical shambles", and dying as "a hard-riffing rock machine", Royal Trux over the course of 14 years recorded 10 albums. Andrew Carver looks back on their prolific career
One of the most durable of all Scandinavian rock groups, Motorpsycho's musical career has taken them from punk to psychedelia. Andrew Carver profiles their fascinating musical evolution, and multi-album history
One of the unsung heroes of garage rock , Australian guitarist Spencer P. Jones has played with the Beasts of Bourbon and also has a prolific solo career. Andrew Carver profiles an often neglected talent
Over the course of six albums Columbus, Ohio duo the Bassholes recorded six albums of twisted blues, that were influenced by both folk music and the Velvet Underground. Andrew Carver examines their abiding impact


Big Dwarf
Strangers Family Band
Grim Tower

Distinctive and fresh-sounding psychedelia on debut album from UK group, Big Dwarf
Excellent 1960's-influenced psychedelia on debut album from Calfornia-based group, the Strangers Family Band
Engaging psychedelic folk on debut album from Grim Tower, the project of Black Mountain front man and Yeah Yeah Yeahs guitarist Imaad Wasif
Excellent expanded and remastered new version of second album from last year for Italian stoner rockers, Isaak

Bevis Frond
Frugal Puritan
Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats

Fabulous 1960's-influenced garage and experimental rock on latest double CD from the Bevis Frond, the project of British guitarist Nick Saloman
Obscure long-lost folk rock from the mysterious Frugal Puritan, allegedly discovered in a tiny village between North Yorkshire and Wiltshire
Fabulous 1970's-influenced heavy metal/psychedelia on third album from Cambridgeshire-based group, Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats
Fiery back-to-basics latest album from durable Norwegian pyschedelic trio, Motorpsycho

Skanska Mord
Anders and Kendall
Aidan Baker
Blank Realm

Enjoyable 1970's-influenced second album from Swedish heavy rock/psychedelic act, Skanska Mord
Sweetly melancholic indie pop on debut album from American male-female vocal duo, Anders and Kendall
Compelling new album from Canadian multi-instrumentalist Aidan Baker, which inspired by myths and folk tales about female water spirits, finds him working with eight women vocalists
Melodic, yet distorted paranoid post-punk on latest album from Brisbane-based quartet, Blank Realm

Wooden Wand
Eternal Tapestry
Boris/Joe Volk
Chris Brokaw

Brooding latest album from Wooden Wand, the moniker for American singer-songwriter James Toth, which moves away from the country rock of his recent work, back to the dark sound of his earlier albums
Satisfying space rock on latest album from West Coast psychedelic outfit Eternal Tapestry, which takes many of its song titles from science-fiction stories and novels
Excellent split LP between Japanese psychedelic rockers Boris and Bristol-based singer-songwriter and acoustic guitarist Joe Volk
Versatile latest album from Boston-based guitarist and solo artist Chris Borkaw, which looks back to his former bands Come and Codeine, but also takes in many other indie influences

True Bypass
Al Scorch and the Country Soul Ensemble
Nick Ferrio and His Feelings

Fragile, but charming folk on second release from True Bypass, the project of Sleepingdog's Chantal Acda and dEUS's Craig Ward
Frenzied and imaginative Americana on debut album from Chicago singer-songwriter and banjo-player Al Scorch and his band, the Country Soul Ensemble
Satisfying stoner rock on debut album from psychedelic-influenced Parisian trio, Abrahama
Off-kilter and wryly humorous pedal steel country rock on debut album from Ottawa-based outfit, Nick Ferrio and His Feelings

Nu Nog Even Niet
Ken Stringfellow
Blues Control

Melancholic and haunting EP from Nu Nog Even Niet, the new project of Sleepingdog and True Bypass's Chantal Acda, who was inspired to create its music after hearing the poetry of Dutch poetess Lotte Dodion at a reading
Lengthy, but convincing and compelling double album from New York experimentalists, Swans
Versatile and often unpredictable latest solo from Posies front man, Ken Stringfellow
Surprisingly understated and laidback new album from former Brooklyn-based noise rock duo, Blues Control

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