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True Bypass - Toby

  by Andrew Carver

published: 14 / 11 / 2012

True Bypass - Toby
Label: Jezus Factory
Format: CD


Fragile, but charming folk on second release from True Bypass, the project of Sleepingdog's Chantal Acda and dEUS's Craig Ward

The genteel and lilting folk music of True Bypass comes courtesy of Chantal Acda, who has lent her lovely voice to the music of the Isbells and Sleepingdong, and Craig Ward, best known for his work with dEUS. The charming duo’s acoustic guitarwork and vocal interplay is so lovely and soothing, it almost seems like a rude intrusion when a bit of marimba pops into ‘You Knew’, the leadoff track. Unlike True Bypass’s debut EP ‘Toby’ is sung in English, the lyrics composed by English writer Toby Litt - he did a good job, too. There is also some well-placed assistance by a handful of musical assistants. The aforementioned intrusive marimba (and some more complementary mallet instrumentation) is played by Eric Thielemans, Gerd Van Mulders burnishes several of the eight songs with some melancholy flugelhorn, and Gianni Marzo chips in with some omnichord. Two others are credited with “aaah’s.” ‘Toby’ should be a surefire hit with fans of Bon Iver, Nick Drake and other fragile folkies.

Track Listing:-
1 You Knew
2 What Do You Think the Chances Are
3 It Isn't True
4 Hopes Up High
5 Trappers
6 I Cried Enough
7 Our Secret Secret
8 Would You

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True Bypass (2010)
Promising folk-pop on gorgeous-sounding debut album from True Bypass, the new project of Belgium musician and Sleepingdog front woman Chantal Acada and Scottish guitarist Craig Ward

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