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Jezus Factory


Birds That Change Colour (2012)

On Recording the Sun
Fabulous psychedelic folk on debut album from promising Antwerp-based band, Birds That Change Colour.

Extradition Order (2015)

1960's Washington and 21st century Warrington clash on third album from alternative/garage rock outfit, Extradition Order

Grand Blue Heron (2018)

Come Again
Powerful and fiercely performed second album from energetic Belgian rockers Grand Blue Heron

Nu Nog Even Niet (2012)

Nu Nog Even Niet
Melancholic and haunting EP from Nu Nog Even Niet, the new project of Sleepingdog and True Bypass's Chantal Acda, who was inspired to create its music after hearing the poetry of Dutch poetess Lotte Dodion at a reading

Paul Hawkins and Thee Awkward Silence (2010)

Apologies for the Enlightenment
Vitriolic and scornful, yet often hilarious attack on society from eccentric London-based band, Paul Hawkins and Thee Awkward Silences

Pawlowski / Trouve / Ward (2017)

Volume 2
Mixed second joint album from former dEUS members Craig Ward, Mauro Pawlowski and Rudy Trouvé

Sukilove (2013)

Inventive yet sometimes directionless latest album from quirky Belgian avant-garde outfit, Sukilove

Tape Cuts Tape (2013)

Black Mold
Incredible mix of aarmbience and the unconventional on second album from Belgium avant-garde trio, Tape Cuts Tape

True Bypass (2010)

True Bypass
Promising folk-pop on gorgeous-sounding debut album from True Bypass, the new project of Belgium musician and Sleepingdog front woman Chantal Acada and Scottish guitarist Craig Ward

True Bypass (2012)

Fragile, but charming folk on second release from True Bypass, the project of Sleepingdog's Chantal Acda and dEUS's Craig Ward

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