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Tape Cuts Tape - Black Mold

  by Adrian Huggins

published: 13 / 6 / 2013

Tape Cuts Tape - Black Mold
Label: Jezus Factory
Format: CD


Incredible mix of aarmbience and the unconventional on second album from Belgium avant-garde trio, Tape Cuts Tape

Probably the most unusual and experimental release I’ve heard this year, Tape Cuts Tape’s second album ‘Black Mold’ is a mind-bending mix of the ambience and a complete disregard for convention. Tape Cuts Tape are made up of Eric Thielmans on drums, Lynn Cassiers on vocals and effects and Rudy Trouve on guitar, although I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that several robots played on this album as well. It is certainly an enjoyable and enlightening listen ‘Loose Thought’ and ‘Deep Garden’ clutch onto the realms of what you might hear in normal musical circles, and, gently low, are reminiscent of Broken Social Scene. The title track ‘Black Mold’ has its foot firmly in the middle of the experimental side of the album, but also has a mesmerising delivery that is quite easy to get completely immersed in. The more experimental moments are really something though, varied and intriguing but yet not out and out insane. ‘Rundfunk’ is a dub meets lo-fi experimental journey into outer space, while ‘Moon Over Beach’ sounds how I’d imagine the inside of Brian Wilson’s head would. ‘Sludge’ sounds like an orchestra comprised of house hold appliances’ take on prog rock rock, which is surprisingly enjoyable and will definitely make me pay more attention to my vacuum cleaner the next time I’m short on inspiration. I probably wouldn’t put this on at a party, unless of course I wanted everyone to leave so I could travel off in my own little world away from normality in which case ‘Black Mold’ would be perfect.

Track Listing:-
1 Black Mold
2 Metal Air
3 Deep Garden
4 Sludge
5 Objects on Strings
6 Rundfunk
7 Loose Thought
8 Moon over Beach

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