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Boss Tuneage


Anal Beard (2004)

Din Noir
Almost-cabaret punk rock from Brighton group Anal Beard, back with a third album of well-observed caricatures of people, relationships and situations

Annalise (2002)

Versus Everything
First new album from Annalise in two years "proves to be well worth the wait" and "definite proof that they are one of the best punk bands in the UK today."

Bedford (2003)

Spaceships, Sex And Jealousy: The Singles 1995 - 2000
Epic and thoroughly enjoyable singles collection from long-serving Pennyslvania punk band, Bedford

Beezewax (2002)

South of Boredom
Angst-ridden Ken Stringfellow-produced power pop played with "with plenty of passion and edgy pop sensibility" by long -serving Norwegian band gaining their first British release on Boss Tuneage label

Brian James and The Pig (2002)

New Rose / Neat Neat Neat
25th anniversary re-recording by ex-Damned member Brian James of the group's classic single

Brock Pytel (2004)

Second Choice
Competent, country tinged indie rock on second album from Brock Pytel, who is also the singer and drummer in Canadian band, the Doughboys

Exit Condition (2004)

Comprehesive overview of career of British based punk band exit Condition , who split up a decade ago and toured with the likes of Green Day and Snuff

Four Square (2002)

When Weeks Were Weekends
Debut album from new Canadian punk band Four Square who, despite showing potential, prove to be over repetitive

I Walk The Line (2004)

Diverse punk rock with strong keyboard influence from new piece act from Finland, I Walk the Line

Joshua (2002)

Teardrop Trio
"Sincere " offering from post hardcore outfit who have somehow ended up "sounding like the Cure."

K Line (2002)

Broken Homes
"Quality DIY punk rock" debut from new punk supergroup, K Line

K Line (2004)

How You Gonna Scare Us Now
Affirmative debut album from up-and-coming British punks K-Line, who include Black Flag, Fugazi, the Ruts and Dag Nasty amongst their influences

Kick Joneses (2003)

Tales Of Discontent
Long awaited new album from German outfit the Kick Joneses, which finds them living up to all the potential of their last record, the widely acclaimed 'Who Put The Voodoo Into Punk Rock ?

Kid With Man Head (2002)

Cassius Coleman Float Like A
New album from "original sounding, infectious melodic punk" act from New Jersey with "very, very strange sense of humour".

La Motta (2002)

La Motta
Spirited and heated debut album from Californian punk group La Motta, which featuresone timeAsexuals star Sean Friesen on vocals and a special guest appearance from the former Pixies guitarist Joey Santiago

La Motta (2003)

Love California
Lively new EP from California trio La Motta, which features Sean Friesen, the former frontman with the Asexuals

Lukestar (2004)

Alpine Unit
Poppy, upbeat emo rock from Norwegian group, Lukestar, who have prebiously had a track featured on Deep Elm's 'Emo Diaries' compilation series

Lunasuit (2004)

Summer Season
Impressive second album from Lunasuit, which proves to be "reminiscent of the soft side of Bikini Kill, or a nicer Sleater-Kinney"

Milwaukees (2002)

Missile Command
Debut album from new "emo" group, who, while having a style very similar to the Get Up Kids, also combine this with "a rockier sound and passionate yet tuneful vocals" that are very much of their own.

Milwaukees (2003)

This Is A Stick Up!
Enjoyable, but slightly too predictable latest album from long-term Boss Tuneage signing, back with a new release

Pocket Genius (2002)

Tundra Rock
Refreshingly "poppy and sincere" debut album from Pocket Genius, the latest signings to the Boss Tuneage punk label

Punchbuggy (2002)

The Great Divide
Intriguing "blend of rock and popular punk" on fourth album from Ottawa-based group, whose songs have appeared previously on console games

Reno Divorce (2004)

Laugh Now, Cry Later
Catchy melodic punk rock from Denver-based punks, back with a third release on Boss Tuneage

Scarper (2002)

Wild Cat Strike
Enthusiastic new EP from Hull based punk pop act Scarper

Shutdown (2002)

Shutdown 1990 - 1995
Compilation of long disbanded, but now seen to be massively influential British post hardcore punbk band, Shutdown

Snot Rockets (2003)

Classic "old school punk with a fresh flavour" from New York punks the Snot Rockets back with a third album after a two year absence due to financial difficulties

Stand GT (2002)

Good On The River
Third full length album and debut UK release on Boss Tuneage label for Stand GT , stalwarts of Canadian blue collar punk rock

Stupids (2009)

The Kids Don't Like It
Vacuous and monotonous comeback album from British punk act the Stupids, their first in 21 years

TV Smith (2008)

In the Arms of My Enemy
Fantastic and thoughtful latest solo album from TV Smith, the former front man with the Adverts, who nearly thirty years on since their break-up continues to maintain punk sensibility

Various (2002)

Boss Samplerage 3
Sprawling double CD sampler from the Boss Tuneage punk label, which serves as a "first rate" introduction to its 12 year history

Wasted (2003)

Suppress And Restrain
"Meaty punk rock" from Finnish group, Wasted, whose "intelligent lyrics and unrelenting ferocity" make them stand out from the crowd

Wasted (2004)

Here We Go Again
Impressive 29 track compilation, comprising of material recorded between 1998 and 2001, from Finland's finest punk export, Wasted

Wasted (2004)

Heroes Amongst Thieves
Vintage punk from durable Finnish act Wasted, back with a fourth album

Woolworthy (2002)

Patchy, overlong, but not entirely without merit retrospective from Chicago punk group, Woolworthy


Interview with Aston Stephens (2002)

Miscellaneous - Interview with Aston Stephens

One of the biggest and busiest of all British punk labels, Boss Tuneage currently has over 70 acts on its roster. Label boss Aston Stephens chats to Olga Sladeckova about its ten year history



Profile Stupids - Profile

One of the leading skatepunk thrash bands of the 1980's, the Stupids have just had four of their six albums released on the Boss Tuneage label. Jamie Rowland, however, finds not just each album, but also each track to sound the same as the last

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