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Stand GT - Good On The River

  by Cara Ross

published: 11 / 4 / 2002

Stand GT - Good On The River
Label: Boss Tuneage
Format: CD


Third full length album and debut UK release on Boss Tuneage label for Stand GT , stalwarts of Canadian blue collar punk rock

New to the Boss Tuneage label out of the UK are a couple of great Canadian stalwarts, who over the course of at least the last decade never truly got the credit and the strong reputation owed to them.  The first of those is Chino (and really, before them the Nils), whose marks left on the Canadian punk rock scene are firmly etched, if never truly appreciated.  And the second of those is the Stand GT.  After slogging it out with their current line-up: Doug and Chris sharing guitar and vocals, Colin on bass and vocals, and Wally on drums, for nearly a decade now, it’s time to give that credit where credit is truly due. This is the third full length for the Stand (the other two great releases being:  'Apocalypse Cow' and '“They’re Magically Delicious', not to mention a whole whack of 7 inches...) and their first release on a UK label. The overall lack of pretension in the Stand GT is what makes their music so engrossing.  Songs about relationships don’t have that wordy slit-your-wrists droning pretense found in a lot of indie pop these days.  The basic truth in simplicity of story here is what is refreshing.  Those stories unfold matter-of-factly, and as a result, their depth is found within.  Nothing too showy, and nary a hint of attitude.  An honest to goodness, genuinely in earnest, approach to music that is probably the main culprit in keeping a large amount of success at bay.  And perhaps it’s the band’s hailing from rural Ontario that gives it it’s blue collar rock and roll feel, but it’s just that sort of straight up rock and roll garnered from wanting to move beyond small town drinking beer and watching hockey (not that there’s anything wrong with that...), and living larger and louder with less restriction.  Escape through music...we all do it, to some degree. 'Good on the River', and everything about it is extremely catchy from the get-go with its solid opening track: On 'Vacuuming', the catchy pop hooks will suck you in instantly.  The Boss Tuneage label cites specializing in the “poppier” end of hardcore/punk as their forte, and it’s easily this pop-punk category that the Stand GT fall into.  Comparisons are quickly drawn to Uncle Tupelo, Sun Volt and Wilco for the more countrified union worker’s feel as well as the super upbeat “all rock out” stylings witnessed in other North American bands such as the likes of Chixdiggit or the Fastbacks, or even the feel of Sebadoh in the slower numbers.  Mix it all together and you obviously have a band that is a product of their early nineties influences and small town upbringing, but unique of their own accord.  Production here is excellent as well. Everything sounds as full as it should, without being overdone. 'Good on the Rive'r is good on the turntable (or CD player really, as the case may be), and though I feel sometimes like I’m beating people over the head with a giant stick trying to get them to listen to the wealth of great Canadian indie, garage and punk rock that’s out there, I promise this one goes down easy...like beer.

Track Listing:-
1 On Vacuuming
2 The Cosmic Kilowatt
3 Blank The Allstars
4 Ditched
5 Hello Danger Bay
6 When All The Bugs Are Contained
7 Drivel
8 The Dollar Off Coupon
9 Good On The River
10 Minus The Fun
11 Shit Jerry I've Forgotton The Antidote
12 She's My Familiar
13 Sear Plain
14 Encore, The Killer

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