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Cara Ross


Stand GT/Glen Nevous Reaction

Canadian pop-punk band Stand GT have been playing together for over 15 years Group leader Chris Page talks to Cara Ross about the band's long history, his solo project Glen Nevous Reaction and his ice hockey obsession

Golden Famile

The release of Golden Famile’s self-titled debut album brings with it the spark of interest garnered from it’s haunting lyrics and melodies.Hailing from Ottawa, Canada, it’s singer-songwriter front man, Darrell Angus incorporates a number of folksy back-w
As frontman for the semi-recently formed The Vultures out of Seattle,Washington,and long-standing veteran to The Mullens out of Dallas, Texas, I was recently able to catch up with Mr Matt Mayo to tal

Favourite Albums


Despite working with the likes of Andre Williams, New Orleans soul diva Betty Harris remains still little known, and was almost totally unappreciated in her prime. Cara Ross examines 'In the Saddle', a 1980's compilation of her work
How is it possible to pick just one album as a favourite? Scan your brain. The records that you really like, you like for different reasons. The sensitive lyrics of one, the punk rock energy of ano


Great Lakes
Operation Makeout
Dan Melchiors Broke Revue

"Short and growly" debut album for solid all girl garage rock three piece, the Husbands, who burst their way through 14 songs in just 24 minutes
Epic pysch pop from sprawling Elephant 6 inspired collective which features members of Marshmallow Coast, Elf Power and Of Montreal.
Enjoyable garage rock from Vancouver-based band signed to Mint Records
Excellent second release on the In the Red label from long-serving rockers, which manages to "take a completely new approach to this whole garage meets R&B" scene

Apples In Stereo
Gore Gore Girls
Radar Brothers

Life-saving "poppy fuzzy psych" from the consistently reliable Apples in Stereo
Impressive second album from the Gore Gore Girls, who combine a 1960s Shangri-Las sound with that of Detroit’s present-day garage scene
"Explosive", confident post 9-11 sixth album from popular Portland, Oregon all girl trio, Sleater Kinney
Sad, but ultra-satisfying "indie folk-rock" from Californian melancholists, the Radar Brothers

Pedro The Lion
Stand GT
Brian James and The Pig

Dark second and final album on the Bloodshot label from recently broken up Chicago country punk trio, the Blacks
Intimate but also aggressive third album and cautionary tale from the highly acclaimed Seattle musician David Bazan, who works under the moniker of Pedro the Lion
Third full length album and debut UK release on Boss Tuneage label for Stand GT , stalwarts of Canadian blue collar punk rock
25th anniversary re-recording by ex-Damned member Brian James of the group's classic single

New Bomb Turks

"Early New York Punk meets Asian pop" on the first full-length from Mika Bomb, who are like "a sped-up version of the Shangri-Las"
Special "lo-price" compilation from Mint Records in Canada has been released in celebration of the label's 10th anniversary and running a full gamut of sounds to include punk, surf, garage and surf, shows that "variety is the spice of life".
Kepler are four thoughtful boys who hail from Ottawa, Ontario (Canada). Made up of Jon Georgekishwatt, Samir Khan, Mike Sheridan and Jeremy Gara, they reek of Bedhead and Low and all things deep, dar
This is the latest offering from The New Bomb Turks since their switch to Epitaph in 1997. These lads have been together for something like a decade now, and they are easily the coolest band on that

Firebird Band
Hot Snakes
New Pornographers
Will Oldham

'The Setting Sun and Its Satellites' is the first full-length album from The Firebird Band, which features in its line-up several former members of Joan of Arc, Pilot in Hiatus and Braid Fans of B
Another brainchild from John Reis of Rocket from the Crypt and Drive like Jehu fame, only this time in the form of Hot Snakes out of San Diego, California. Featuring prominently as well are Rick Fork
“What the Hell is this?!” That was my first thought when I put this on. I had so many mixed feelings about this album on my first couple of listens. Initially I thought I hated it. Here we have thi
Guarapero Lost Blues 2 is the companion to the Palace Music singles released a few years ago called: Lost Blues (and other songs). Guarapero is essentially Volume 2 in what may prove to be a running s

Von Zippers
Mooney Suzuki
White Stripes
Olivia Tremor Control

If you’re not drunk already, you will be after listening to this! Grab a stein: the latest release from Alberta, Canada’s leading purveyors of mudslinging, sleaze-fest, trash rock is a collection of s
People get ready. Hey! I said people get ready! Estrus Records is one of those labels that will never steer you wrong. One of those labels where you will need to collect every record of every band
Another great band from another great garage label: Sympathy for the Record Industry. Sign me up for The White Stripes...a “brother/sister” duo out of Detroit: Jack and Meg White. (”brother/sister” i
Ahhhh ! What can one say about this whole Elephant 6 recording company? It is easily a world apart from anything else that’s out there. Made up of a list of cronies helping one another out in vario

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