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Gore Gore Girls - Up All Night

  by Cara Ross

published: 17 / 9 / 2002

Gore Gore Girls - Up All Night
Label: Get Hip
Format: CD


Impressive second album from the Gore Gore Girls, who combine a 1960s Shangri-Las sound with that of Detroit’s present-day garage scene

This is the second album from Detroit’s Gore Gore Girls (or G3 as they are known by their fans) for Get Hip Recordings, the little label that champions sixties garage sounds such as the likes of the Cynics and thee Headcoats, and the Neatbeats from Japan. The Gore Gore Girls find themselves in good and comparable company on Get Hip...it’s definitely a good fit, one that deserves to be filed under “beat”.  Recorded at Detroit’s now famous Ghetto studios (see: the White Stripes and the Dirtbombs), Detroit is a rock city for a reason. Time warp and fast forward the 1960s Shangri-Las to Detroit’s present-day garage scene and Voila: you have the gore gore girls. In a world where image is EVERYTHING, especially where women are concerned...(one need only site Avril Lavign’s easy-listening music, yet virtual punk-icon (!) status as sad proof of this...), it’s nice to finally find some sexy female musicians of (gasp) substance. Yes, I said substance.  Singer/ guitarist/ main songwriter of the gore gore girls, Amy Surdu is the real deal.  It’s clear she’s paid her rock and roll dues by the obvious influences that are there...a little Motown R n B with a lot of Gories thrown in.  That is not to say the G3 aren’t without their own schtick.  G3 got their name from the classic H.G Lewis B-movie of the same name, an early 70’s horror flick wherein the local go-go girls are preyed upon and find themselves being turned into, what else, gore-gore girls....and what a classic homage to the movie, with G3 in their white vinyl go-go boots, and their garage-rock fuzz as their own personal brand of gore...it’s a perfect metaphor. Schtick aside, there are also a couple of classic sixties covers thrown in for good measure, in particular, little Eva’s 'Keep Your Hands Off My Baby' which gives you a great dose of those R n B girl group harmonies. The sugar and spice sixties girl group mentality is in greater evidence on 'Up All Night' than on G3’s previous endeavour, 'Strange Girls' which was released in 2000, yet is still a heavy dose of garage.  This could be due part and parcel to the band’s internal turnover rate, Surdu being the only constant so far.  The current line-up includes Melody Licious on bass (once upon a time found in Stoker Ace) and Cathy Carrell on drums. On tour in Europe now, and very fun to see live. Check ‘em out:  www.goregoregirls.com

Track Listing:-
1 Astral Man
2 Automatic Love
3 I Don't Think So
4 Up All Night
5 Shotgun Wedding
6 Keep Your Hands Off My Baby
7 Hot Rod Breakdown
8 Cross County Lines
9 Standing On The Corner
10 Atlanta
11 Your Last Chance
12 Tell Me (I'm Your True Love)

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