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Pocket Genius - Tundra Rock

  by Peter Liddle

published: 13 / 3 / 2002

Pocket Genius - Tundra Rock
Label: Boss Tuneage
Format: CD


Refreshingly "poppy and sincere" debut album from Pocket Genius, the latest signings to the Boss Tuneage punk label

Some chords seem just designed to produce a reaction. The joy of most punk music is that it exposes the most well known of these to their full effect. The major chugga chugga intros and the minor chords that are pushed to happy endings make a sound that can be vital, exciting and inspirational or alternatively repetitive, derivative and shallow. There's always a balance for me. I'm not a punk rock fan, and I don't think ever will be. I'm not even sure that I understand a lot of it. I'm a post rock, post punk , post everything "clever guitar" type of listener, but sometimes, when I hear a band play good, honest fifth chords, it just has to change my mind. Pocket Genius are one such band. Their album, 'Tundra Rock", is filled with typical love and life songs, and feature a lot of lines about "you", "me" and "you and me". A typical example is the lovely repeated line "I want you for my lifetime". It's good that someone can write these things in a convincing, uncynical manner. There's a genuine honesty, emotion and integrity to their sound, to their catchy hooks, the way in which their quiet sections burst into massive choruses, and above all in their sense of self. 'Tundra Rock' has some terrific moments, especially the super thumping bass and drums on 'Tempest'" and the quick changing chords in "Selfish". The chords might sound like they already belong to thousands of other like sounding bands, but that's not really the point. Pocket Genius take the sound and make it their own. These are sounds that make you want to dance, and sounds that make you think, and there is never an irrelevant moment. To be honest, I'm not sure if Pocket Genius want to make youthink. Thy probably don't care. care . Some bands want to sound clever and while there is nothing wrong with that, some bands play music simply to makie the noise they want to .Pocket Genius are definitely in the latter category, but not in a bad way. It's refreshing to hear something that stands up for itself, showing off the style and skill of its authors, without overstating its case. The understated beauty of 'Comfort Zone' finishes off the album superbly, with brooding guitars and choruses fading off into the distance. This album is full of songs that are both poppy and sincere, and that are ultimately strong enough to stand up to repeated listening.

Track Listing:-
1 360 Club
2 Pipe Dreams
3 Rhode Island
4 Good Advice
5 Slide
6 Sodaberry
7 Highway
8 Selfish
9 tempest
10 Hitched
11 Comfort Zone

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