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Brock Pytel - Second Choice

  by Benjamin Howarth

published: 22 / 7 / 2004

Brock Pytel - Second Choice
Label: Boss Tuneage
Format: CD


Competent, country tinged indie rock on second album from Brock Pytel, who is also the singer and drummer in Canadian band, the Doughboys

The grand plan for the opening paragraph of this review was going to be a little run-down of influential singing drummers from various areas of music history. Then I realised that I couldn’t think of enough to make it worthwhile. But, whatever, lets crack on regardless… Brock Pytel is a singing drummer! Wahey! Over a decade ago, he was the songwriter, singer and drummer in a Canadian band called the Doughboys. Though he didn’t write all their songs, he wrote enough to be more George Harrison than Ringo Starr in the songwriting stakes, and after a massive break he has now compiled a second solo release, and it’s not too bad at all. Despite his background in the hardcore scene, this is not an album that will appeal to strict devotees of the genre, pitching itself in the direction of college rock and radio friendly singer songwriter styles. Brock has a good, soulful singing voice and his lyrics are better than average, mixing first person confessionals with a good story telling approach, so although his lyrics are perhaps not as graceful as some, they resolutely avoid being self indulgent or pretentious, and are – as such – likeable. Musically, it is competent, country tinged indie rock. The influence of American college rock/punk is noticeable, most noticeably from the Replacements, and the songs where his band up the tempo and rock out are by the far the best on the record, especially the catchy 'My Time Is Flying'. This is the sort of song that could be very popular if it makes it to radio. It sounds a little like the latter day Chamberlain, although a bit more populist. The next song is also very good. "Has To Change' is set apart by some good harmonies and a strong arrangement of several contrasting guitar parts. My problem with this album is not that it is in any way particularly bad. My main worry is that it is just too similar to many other singer songwriters also influenced by college rock and Neil Young. If he can get a following, then he stands the chance of doing well, but I’m not convinced that this album, pleasant enough as it may be, really possesses sufficient ambition to really stand out from the pack. Still, if nicely crafted songs are your thing, then I’ve heard worse…

Track Listing:-
1 Alright
2 Dear Friend John
3 Burning Bridges
4 What It Means
5 I Can See It
6 My Time Is Flying
7 Has To Change
8 7 x If
9 Real Road
10 See Through
11 Second Choice
12 Service Interrupted

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