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Four Square - When Weeks Were Weekends

  by Olga Sladeckova

published: 1 / 9 / 2002

Four Square - When Weeks Were Weekends
Label: Boss Tuneage
Format: CD


Debut album from new Canadian punk band Four Square who, despite showing potential, prove to be over repetitive

In their native Canada, Four Square are part of the roster of the Toronto-based record label Ductape, but have also recently become affiliated with the acclaimed British punk-rock label Boss Tuneage (the Nils, the Asexuals). Three friends, Simon Heads (vocals, guitar, engineering), Allan Shaw (guitars, vocals) and Trevor MacGregor (drums), inspired by the DIY recipe of making music, decided to have a go at creating music for themelves. 'When Weeks Were Weekends' is the band's first album and acts a good introduction to their music. 'Slightest Sympathy' is the perfect, fast song to start an album with.. The following 'Some Weaker Thoughts', 'One Life Here' and 'Degrees Of Separation' are equally assertive but, however, make the first part of the album slightly too consistent in its sound. 'We Saw Everything', half way through the album, calms things down a little and is a little more unpredictable. Back to being assertive, however, ‘Contradiction’, 'Just One Day’ and ‘4850’ all have the same slightly reminiscent tune which drowns all the songs together a little too much. The album finishes with ‘Better Now’. "It's in my heart. It's all better now." sings Simon convicingly, the sound of victory in his voice.. Four Square doubtlessly have potential, but too much of this album seems connected around the same tune, and, as a result, is lacking in character.

Track Listing:-
1 Slightest Sympathy
2 Some Weaker Thoughts
3 One Life Here
4 Degrees Of Seperation
5 We Saw Everything
6 Contradiction
7 Just One Day
8 4850
9 Stars Keep Falling
10 Eat For One
11 Better Now

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