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Lunasuit - Summer Season

  by Emma Haigh

published: 10 / 6 / 2004

Lunasuit - Summer Season
Label: Boss Tuneage
Format: CD


Impressive second album from Lunasuit, which proves to be "reminiscent of the soft side of Bikini Kill, or a nicer Sleater-Kinney"

Lunasuit’s new album reveals femme-fronted rock at its best. Its gritty swells and full frontal growls are reminiscent of the soft side of Bikini Kill, or a nicer Sleater-Kinney, all with vocal grace that harkens to Mary Timony. This is their first release in three years, wanting to take their time after the promising expanse of their 1999 debut 'Controlled Noise' (SID Records). And it shows. The result being that the tracks on 'Summer Season' ) are longer in length, have been built upon more layers, take greater advantage of Jo Walker’s phenomenal vocals. The enormous range of Walker's voice is especially showcased on tracks such as the title song, 'Summer Season', and 'Pessimistic Brand'. In fact the album's one true fault can be found in track seven, 'Pastimes': a momentary peek at distorted vocals, utter blasphemy! Starting with the whiskey-soaked energy in 'The Thing You Live For', 'Summer Season' speeds through hoopy staccato pops and driving drumlines of 'Tired Feminism' and 'Conformist', and the myriad of hard-riffing guitar and pummelling almost country-twanged basslines of 'Anti-social Animal', to conclude with a swirly rush of hyped razor edge guitar/drums combo in 'Pessimistic' as a fantastically sharp and confounding finish. This is an album that holds just as much promise as it’s predecessor, and reeks of better things to come.

Track Listing:-
1 The Thing You Live For
2 Trying To Exist
3 Treasure Box
4 Tired Feminism
5 Summer Season
6 Sense Of Solitude
7 Conformist
8 Anti-Social Animal
9 Pastimes
10 Pessimistic Brand

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