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Snot Rockets - Bankrupt

  by Alex Halls

published: 4 / 9 / 2003

Snot Rockets - Bankrupt
Label: Boss Tuneage
Format: CD


Classic "old school punk with a fresh flavour" from New York punks the Snot Rockets back with a third album after a two year absence due to financial difficulties

'Bankrupt', the latest release from unattractively named New York Punkers, The Snot Rockets, has a more vintage punk feel about it. With eighteen tracks, not one longer than three minutes, this is punk at its best. Only The Snot Rockets’ third full-lengther, 'Bankrupt' has taken two years and has been an immense struggle to produce but the music world is much better for it. With little money to produce the album but some welcome backing from label Boss Tuneage, this album is a quality piece. It does have its weaknesses but these are far outweighed by the positive notes that come from a band that have worked hard to create what they believe in. With an album name reported to have multiple meanings and encompassing both personal and global events, 'Bankrupt' has more than just a mere explanation to it. The rocket on the cover represents its inability to lift off: analogised to the band’s current stature. The Snot Rockets tackle a wide range of subject matters in their songs.'Kill The H8' is a song dedicated to the horror of September 11th, while 'Punkersluts' pours vitriolic scorn on materialistic punks. There are some quality riffs contained within the album and some inspired punk drumming: it doesn’t always blend at times but it is generally of the highest order. The odd political anti-rhetoric adds beautifully to what comes across as playful music with attitude. Who can want more from a punk band than a punk will get from The Snot Rockets? 'Bankrupt' will hopefully rescue the band from their financial constraints : it is old school punk with a fresh flavour.

Track Listing:-
1 Kill the H8
2 Emma
3 Unsatisfied
4 Sick n Died
5 Xmas In Novemebr
6 Little Bus
7 Gasoline
8 I Hate Punk Rock Girls
9 FTD164
10 Behind A Rock
11 Sheep
12 Tragedy
13 Truckstop
14 Hogtied
15 Crush
16 Enu Opined
17 Punkersluts
18 FU Too

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