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Kick Joneses - Tales Of Discontent

  by Alex Halls

published: 5 / 12 / 2003

Kick Joneses - Tales Of Discontent
Label: Boss Tuneage
Format: CD


Long awaited new album from German outfit the Kick Joneses, which finds them living up to all the potential of their last record, the widely acclaimed 'Who Put The Voodoo Into Punk Rock ?

German outfit, the Kick Joneses new album, 'Tales Of Discontent', is an interesting blend of snappy guitaring and vocals. It runs along the lines of the Hives but retains a more punk styled quality throughout. Its upbeat style and facile vocals at times have the ability to make the listener leap about with delight, and, coupled with occasional brass inclusion, the album has some very good moments. Featuring ex members of Spermbirds and Walter Elf, the Kick Joneses, who come from Kaiserlauten, have pedigree and there is no doubt that the album has benefited from this. In the three years their since widely acclaimed last album, 'Who Put The Voodoo Into Punk Rock ?', the Kick Joneses have not let their standards slip: they have built upon their talent and creativity. The opening track, 'Die If You Have To,' borders on rock n roll, which adds animation to funereal lyrics such as" Die if you have to, Don t expect me to be your undertaker." Although many of the songs are similarly named and lyricised , the album remains of a likeable nature. 'Tales Of Discontent' is the Kick Joneses best album to date and will undoubtedly attract a younger generation of punks to whom the pop elements of this album will appear alluring. Several of the tracks are totally intoxicating in the way in which only continental European bands can be.

Track Listing:-
1 Die If You Have To
2 Try Me
3 Hate List
4 Flowers
5 Go To Hell, George
6 The Dukes Of Leyton Park
7 Love Your Enemy
8 My Funeral
9 Let's Stay Friends
10 Asleep
11 The Island Of Disappointed
12 Honk If You Think I'm Stupid
13 Last Supper
14 Toothless Grin

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