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Kid With Man Head - Cassius Coleman Float Like A

  by Mark Rowland

published: 21 / 2 / 2002

Kid With Man Head - Cassius Coleman Float Like A
Label: Boss Tuneage
Format: CD


New album from "original sounding, infectious melodic punk" act from New Jersey with "very, very strange sense of humour".

Don't be too put off by the names of both the band and the album ! Kid With Man Head, despite having a very, very strange sense of humour, make great punk-pop without sounding like Green Day-by-numbers. 'Cassius Coleman...', their third album, which preceded 'The Mr. PotatoHead Chainsaw Massacre', and Flapjack Hairpiece' (These boys know how to pick their titles) is "All Killer no Filler'" and contains 13 tracks of original sounding, infectious melodic punk. Anthemic hum-alongs like 'Blue Skies' and 'Face Down' are well-paced rockouts, while 'Closer than Before' showcases the band's softer side. Without really sounding much like either of them in style, 'Cassius Coleman...' brings to mind Weezer and the Foo Fighters with its catchiness. Like both those bands, Kid With Man Head utilise great Americanised harmonies and write varied songs within the American rock blueprint. While 'Still Friends, But' has fast, punkified drumming and riffs, 'I Was Wrong' uses non-power chords, and is very un-punk. It's nice to hear a punk-pop band these days that doesn't sound exactly like Blink1 82, especially one which has an even stranger sense of humour than Blink themselves.

Track Listing:-
1 Blue Skies
2 Heaven You Wanted
3 Face Down
4 Superstar
5 Get A Life
6 She Won't Sleep With Me
7 Closer Than before
8 Great To See You
9 Souvenir
10 Still Friends. But
11 I Was Wrong
12 First Time
13 Work Sleep Die

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