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Stupids - The Kids Don't Like It

  by Lisa Torem

published: 1 / 8 / 2009

Stupids - The Kids Don't Like It
Label: Boss Tuneage
Format: CD


Vacuous and monotonous comeback album from British punk act the Stupids, their first in 21 years

The British punk band, the Stupids, are back with their comeback release after 21 years, 'The Kids Don’t Like It', which took a year to create. Their recent single, 'Feel the Suck' sold out in three weeks. This is an ambitious album in terms of quantity, but unfortunately weak in quality and focus. There’s the predictable air of defiance usually present in punk, but not enough genuine emotion in either the lyrics or instrumentation to persuade us to join whatever cause they are hoping to champion. Redundant percussive patterns and vacuous rants overpower what might be legitimate gripes. The opener, 'Malcolm Bitch', revolves around a spit like a roast suckling pig. Even non-carnivores may discover it’s a sweat-enhancing rouser. Stake out your Bloody Mary with a celery stick garnish and get the Hell out of bed already. The aforementioned, 'Feel the Suck', has a heavy hook that soon becomes a dark, monotonous drone. And if you’re the type that fancies the endlessly pounding riff after riff of jack-hammer jibe, sidle over to 'Sons of the Beach'and you’ll have a ball. 'Shagga' is a departure from the other high-decibel tracks with some decent guitar work and electronic discordance. It has some heart – something sadly lacking throughout most of the album. 'Remember Me Dismember You' contains twisted, Twilight Zone, highly-energized sci-fi touches. 'Middle Aged Punk' serves up dribs and drabs of classic rock, and, lo and behold, 'It’s Not My Fault', cleverly begins with the head of Miles Davis’ famed jazz standard 'So What'. It is a good impulse, but one without a resting place. There’s a few smart touches of class which bear mention. Zero in on the lilting backing vocals in 'Meet Me' and follow along as 'Fragmented Intersection' blares bass lines that leap from building to building like Catwoman on crack. The Stupids do attempt to create a bit of intimate “get to know us” patter which is championed through out the CD like ladies lingerie on an urban clothesline. Especially poignant is this murmur, “There’s no point in changing as all they want is the same old shit.” Sometimes we get what we wish for.

Track Listing:-
1 Malcolm Bitch
2 Drumshop Arsehole
3 I Was Sexually Harassed
4 Remember Me Dismember You
5 Feel The Suck
6 Charlton Heston
7 Beach Dick
8 Middle Aged Punk
9 It's Not My Fault
10 Melt Me
11 Hate Hate
12 God And Country
13 Fragmented Interaction
14 Zero
15 Sons Of The Beach
16 Shagga

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