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Mute Records


A Place To Bury Strangers (2010)

Ego Death
Straight-to-the-point and distortion-friendly rock on latest EP from New York noise trio, A Place to Bury Strangers

A Place To Bury Strangers (2009)

Keep Slipping Away
Fabulous second single from A Place to Bury Srangers' second album, 'Exploding Head'

A Place To Bury Strangers (2009)

Exploding Head
Extreme, but totally compelling second album from New York-based post rock act, A Place to Bury Strangers

Art Brut (2007)

It's a Bit Complicated
Diverse second album from rapping South London street punks, Art Brut

Big Deal (2013)

June Gloom
Fabulous second album from impressive Californian-London indie rock duo, Big Deal

Big Deal (2011)

Lights Out
Charming debut album from harmony-laden London-based male and female two-piece, Big Deal

Blues Explosion (2005)

Energetic, but staid blues rock on latest single from the long-serving Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Boyd Rice / NON (2004)

Terra Incognita: Ambient Works 1975 - Present
Ambient compilation from long-serving electronica artist, Boyd Rice, which combines trippy, chill-out music with occasional horror movie soundtrack effects

Client (2003)

Rock And Roll Machine
Excellent electronic rock from new band Client,, which proves to be reminiscent of both the Cure's "Faith' and 'Pornograpjy and also every great synth pop act of the 80's

Dave Gahan (2003)

I Need You
"Chilled out" second single from Depeche Mode frontman's debut solo album

Dave Gahan (2007)

Slow-paced and moody in tone second solo album from Depeche Mode frontman, Dave Gahan

Dave Gahan (2007)

Striking first single from his forthcoming second solo album for Depeche Mode vocalist Dave Gahan

Depeche Mode (2009)

Immediately classic second single from Depeche Mode's twelfth album, 'Sounds of the Universe'

Depeche Mode (2009)

Sounds of the Universe
Impressive twelfth album from Depeche Mode, who entering the fourth decade of their career show that they have lost none of their edge

Depeche Mode (2005)

Playing The Angel
First album in four years from the ever durable Depeche Mode, which proves to have been very much worth the long wait

Du Blonde (2015)

Welcome Back to Milk
Remarkable Newcastle-born singer and musician Beth Jeans Houghton rips it all up and completely reinvents herself on her superb second album and first as Du Blonde

Erasure (2005)

Instantly classic and timeless synth pop on 11th studio album from the long-serving Erasure

Erasure (2005)

Mature, but ultimately "very human"-sounding synth pop on new single from Erasure

Erasure (2005)

Don't Say You Love Me
Happy second single from Erasure's new album 'Nightbird', which "will have the most unhappy of souls smiling without too much effort"

Erasure (2007)

I Could Fall in Love with You
Enjoyable multi-formated latest single from Erasure, which appears in various different remixes

Erasure (2007)

Light at the End of the World
Latest album from Erasure, which despite some fine moments finds them far from their best

Erasure (2007)

Storm Chaser
Enjoyable new 9 track EP from Erasure, consisting mainly of remixes, released to coincide with their latest British tour

Erasure (2022)

Flawed latest album from synth duo Erasure which reworks for the third time some of the material from 'The Neon'. their much acclaimed 2020 album

Goldfrapp (2010)

Head First
Upbeat 70s and 80s disco-influenced fifth album from the ever fluctuating and changing Goldfrapp

Goldfrapp (2008)

Seventh Tree
Impressive fourth album from Goldfrapp, which finds the duo moving away from the dance electronica and ambience of the past and experimenting with an acoustic and indie folk sound

Goldfrapp (2008)

Stunning change of direction on new pop folk-influenced single, the first from their new album, for Goldfrapp

Goldfrapp (2003)

Dull disco-inspired new single from the much acclaimed Goldfrapp

Grinderman (2012)

Grinderman 2 RMX
Unessential collection of remixes of Nick Cave's side project Grinderman's second album

Grinderman (2010)

Heathen Child
Nihilistic, but forceful vinyl and download only first single from their second album for Nick Cave's project, Grinderman

Grinderman (2010)

Grinderman 2
Likeable second album from Nick Cave's jokey other band and blues act, Grinderman, which, however, does not tread very far away from the blueprint of its first album

Grinderman (2007)

No Pussy Blues
Abrasive and grungy second single from Nick Cave's new project, Grinderman

Grinderman (2007)

Enjoyable debut album from Nick Cave's new band, which proves to be his most aggressive and also most humorous since the days of the Birthday Party and his early solo work

Grinderman (2007)

Get It On
Foul mouthed and angry very limited one sided 7 inch, the debut release of Nick Cave's new band Grinderman

Josh T. Pearson (2011)

Last of the Country Gentlemen
Confusing and demanding, yet certainl remarkable debut solo album from former Lift To Experience front man, Josh T. Pearson

Knife (2007)

Marble House
Creepy, but compelling collection of 7 remixes of the same song from Swedish electro-duo the Knife

Laibach (2006)

Rewarding and surprisingly easy listening latest album from ever-eccentric Slovenian group Laibach, who have reworked on it various national anthems from across the globe.

Laibach (2004)

Double compilation CD from the now 25 year old ever eccentric Slovenian act Laibach

Laibach (2003)

Dark, doomish Goth rock on first album in 7 years from long-serving German trio, Laibach

Liars (2004)

They Were Wrong, So We Drowned
Excellent sampler-based and experimental second album from former art punks the Liars, which takes its inspiration from German myths and legends

Liars (2010)

The Overachievers
Brilliant new single from New York-based avant-garde rockers Liars, which includes a cover from Devendra Banhart of their song, 'The Overachievers'

Liars (2007)

Plaster Casts of Everything
Edgy, but simple first single from post-punk band Liars' new album

Liars (2010)

Absurd, but also approachable fifth album from New York avant-garde trio, Liars

Maps (2007)

You Don't Know Her Name
Dance-based electronica on new single from the Mercury Prize-nominated Maps, the project of James Chpman

Maps (2007)

It Will Find You
Hypnotic debut single on Mute from Maps, whose three previous releases all came out on 10 inch vinyl only

Maps (2007)

We Can Create
Gorgeous-sounding electronica on debut album from Maps, the project of solo artist James Chapman

Maps (2007)

To the Sky
Re-recorded version of Maps's first 10 inch single, taken from their Mercury Prize-nominated first album, 'We Can Create'

Maps (2009)

Turning the Mind
Fantastic electro pop on second album from Mercury Prize nominee Maps, the project of Northampton-based musician James Chapman

Mediengruppe Telekommander (2004)

Die Ganze Kraft Einer Kultur
Innovative dance rock from new Hamburg-based act, Mediengruppe Telekommander who claim links to the Baader-Meinhof Gruppe

Mick Harvey (2006)

Motion Picture Music '94-'05
Soundtrack compilation from former Birthday Party star Mick Harvey, which will appeal to avid fans only

Mick Harvey (2005)

One Man's Treasure
First solo album in eight years from Boys Next Door, Birthday Party and Bad Seeds multi-instrumentalist Mick Harvey, who seems oddly uncomfortable in the spotlight

Mick Harvey (2011)

Sketches from the Book of the Dead
Bleak and disturbing, yet often oddly compelling latest solo album from one-time Bads Seeds guitarist, Mick Harvey

Mick Harvey (2016)

Delirium Tremors
Former Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds guitarist Mick Harvey takes a third journey through Serge Gainsbourg’s extensive back catalogue, this time digging a little deeper and revealing some obscure gems

Ministry of Wolves (2014)

Musik from Republic Der Wolfe
Underwhelming soundtrack album from new wave super group including the Bad Seeds' Mick Harvey, which features songs written for Republik Der Wolfe, a multi-media theatre show which was premiered earlier this year in Dortmund

Moby (2005)

Lift Me Up
Fine acoustic based electronica on first single from Moby's forthcoming new album, 'Hotel'

Moby (2008)

Experimental, hip-hop influenced new single from Moby

Moby (2008)

I Love to Move in Here
Enjoyable second single from Moby's 'Last Night' album, which finds him duetting with 70's rapper Grandmaster Caz

Moby (2008)

Ooh Yeah
Excellent new downlaod single from dance pioneer Moby which, taken from his recent album 'Last Night', finds him returning to basics

Mountaineers (2003)

Messy Century
Debut album from Welsh-born, Liverpool-based 3 piece, which despite flitting through a variety of genres, proves best when they are sticking to a pop formula

New Order (2015)

Music Complete
Disorientating latest album and their first without iconic bassist and founder member Peter Hook from New Order

Nick Cave (2004)

Abattoir Blues/lyre Of Orpheus
Surprisingly mainstream, but as always impressive two album set of new songs from the ever reliable Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds (2003)

He Wants You Babe / Babe Im On Fire
Eclectic second single from Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds' much acclaimed latest album, 'Nocturma'

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds (2003)

"Raw and uninhibited" twelfth album from Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, recorded in the space of a week during last year's Australian tour

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds (2005)

B Sides And Rarities
Three CD new retrospective from Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, which merges together 56 of their B sides and rarities

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds (2013)

Push the Sky Away
Enthralling fifteenth album from Nick Cave and the bad seeds, which reflects on the invasive influence of the interent on 21st century culture

Nick Cave And Warren Ellis (2009)

White Lunar
Fantastic double CD compilation of Nick Cave and Warren Ellis' film soundtracks of the last four years

Nick Cave And Warren Ellis (2010)

The Road : Original Film Score
Pastel Nick Cave and Warren Ellis soundtrack to faithful new film adaption of Cormac McCarthy's 'The Road', which proves restricted by the film and book's macabre and desolate nature

Nick Cave And Warren Ellis (2007)

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
Above average soundtrack from Nick Cave and fellow Bad Seed Warren Ellis to new Western which, which while evocative, will largely appeal to die-hard fans only

Nick Cave And Warren Ellis (2015)

Loin Des Hommes: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Experimental yet unimposing new soundtrack album for David Olehoffen's film 'Loin des Hommes' from Nick Cave and Warren Ellis

OnDeadWaves (2016)

Excellent debut album from label mates, James Chapman of Maps and singer-songwriter Polly Scattergood, who make more magic together with their new project OnDeadWaves than they do by themselves

Pink Grease (2005)

Uninspiring new single from Sheffield glam rockers Pink Grease

Pink Grease (2005)

Mediocre 70's flavoured glam rock, which owes too much of a debt to the Darkness, from Pink Grease

Pink Grease (2004)

This Is For Real
Enjoyable, but unspectacular late 70's/early 80's new wave on debut album from new Sheffield group, Pink Grease

Polly Scattergood (2008)

I Hate the Way
Earthy-sounding, strong second single from new American singer-songwriter Polly Scattergood,

Polly Scattergood (2009)

Other Too Endless
Haunting third single from rising star Polly Scattergood, whose music in the tradition of Tori Amos, Kate Bush, PJ Harvey and Bjork

Polly Scattergood (2009)

Polly Scattergood
Decent debut album from eccentric and Essex-born singer-songwriter, Polly Scattergood

Recoil (2007)

Wonderful sixth album from Recoil, the project of ex-Depeche Mode keyboardist, which finds him working with Louisiana bluesman amd singer Carla Trevaskis who has worked with Portishead

Residents (2005)

Third Reich Rock N Roll
Ironic and disturbingly briliant anti rock 'n' roll on reissue of the Residents 1976 album 'Third Rock 'n' Roll

Residents (2005)

Animal Lover
First album in several years from eccentric San Francisco group the Residents, who claim they have taken their inspiration for it from animal mating patterns

Residents (2004)

Commercial Album
Timely re-release for the Residents 'Commerical Album', which consists of 40 one minute tracks, each the length of the average TV advert

Richard Hawley (2007)

Tonight the Streets are Ours
Lush new single from Sheffield-based crooner Richard Hawley

Richard Hawley (2006)

Coles Corner
Lucurious and heartfelt new single from Sheffield crooner, Richard Hawley

Richard Hawley (2005)

Coles Corner
Suoerb third solo album from former Longpigs and Pulp guitarist Richard Hawley, which looks back to the 50's and 60's for its influences

Richard Hawley (2010)

False Lights from the Land EP
Excellent ocean-themed new download and ten inch vinyl only EP from Sheffield-based singer-songwriter Richard Hawley

Simon Bonney (2019)

Past Present Future
Across this twelve-track anthology, Simon Bonney puts his solo work outside Crime and The City Solution into a refreshed compact context

Simon Fisher Turner (2006)

Lana Lara Lata
Pretentious and dull art rock from high concept artiste Simon Fisher Turner

Swans (2016)

The Glowing Man
Overwhelming but repetitive double album and the final one in the present line-up of Swans before it calls it a day

Swans (2014)

To Be Kind
Epic and enthralling double CD new album from New York experimental outfit, Swans

Tiny Masters of Today (2007)

Hey Mr DJ
Raw-sounding punk rock from Brooklyn duo the Tiny Masters of Today, which consists of 13 and 11 year old siblings Ivan and Ada

Various (2004)

Rough Trade Shops-indiepop 1
Excellent double compilation that collects together the cream of out-of-print 7, 10, and 12 inch tracks from the 80's indiepop era, many of which were never issued on CD at the time, and also adds a few more up to date indie classics

Various (2005)

Trans Slovenia Express Volume 2
Eclectic second album of Kraftwerk covers from the Mute label

White Rabbits (2010)

It's Frightening
Euphoric second album from thunderous New York-based indie rock six piece, the White Rabbits

White Rabbits (2010)

They Done Wrong/We Done Wrong
Rollicking and contagious new download only single from Brooklyn-based indie pop act, White Rabbits

White Rabbits (2010)

The Salesman (Tramp Life)
Thought-provoking and hoepfully breakthrough new single from New York-based indie pop act, the White Rabbits

XX Teens (2008)

Welcome to Goon Island
Epic combination of fuzzed-out guitars and droney electronica on offbeat debut album from the Devo-influenced XX Teens

Yann Tiersen (2010)

Dust Lane
Absorbing and atmospheric sixth album from French composer and musician Yann Tiersen, influenced by the death of his mother and also one of his close friends

Yann Tiersen (2011)

Icy and ethereal post rock on seventh studio album from French singer-songwriter and composer, Yann Tiersen

Yeasayer (2010)

Odd Blood
Fabulous combination of pop and experimentalism on second album from mushc acclaimed Brroklyn-based band, Yeasayer

Yeasayer (2012)

Fragrant World
Miscalculated 90’s-influenced dancefloor pop third album from once more experimental Brooklyn-based band, Yeasayer

Yeasayer (2016)

Amen and Goodbye
Satisfying return-to-form from experimental Brooklyn-based psychedelic/pop act, Yeasayer.



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