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Laibach - Wat

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 27 / 9 / 2003

Laibach - Wat
Label: Mute Records
Format: CD


Dark, doomish Goth rock on first album in 7 years from long-serving German trio, Laibach

Laibach have been around since 1980, and 'Wat' is their first new album since their last album, 'Jesus Christ Superstar', of 7 years ago. Laibach's music is very dark and Gothic. Most of the album sounds like it escaped from a horror film. You can't really say that there are any songs on this release. Vocalist Ivan Novak's vocals have a storytelling style, and are not sung at all. 'Wat' falls largely into the category of dark wave, which was not originally my cup of tea, but, as I am a Cure fan, it has grown on me. The bulk of the album is, however, in German, which may alienate a lot of people. It is mostly keyboard-based, very doomish in tone and reminded me of the soundtrack for the 1976 film, 'The Omen'. One for the fan club only or for Goths !

Track Listing:-
1 B Mashina
2 Tanz Mit Laibach
3 Du Bist Unser
4 Achtung!
5 Ende
6 Now You Will Pay
7 Hell: Symmetry
8 Das Spiel Ist Aus
9 Satanic Versus
10 The Great Divide
11 Wat
12 Anti-Semitism

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