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Simon Fisher Turner - Lana Lara Lata

  by Jon Rogers

published: 22 / 1 / 2006

Simon Fisher Turner - Lana Lara Lata
Label: Mute Records
Format: CD


Pretentious and dull art rock from high concept artiste Simon Fisher Turner

"Lana is sort of ghost music" proclaims high concept artiste Simon Fisher Turner, which is probably as good as any description. 'Lana Lara Lata' though is definitely high art, all stark silences, digitally manipulated refrains and desolate piano. Effectively the album is in three parts. 'Lana' is largely a collaboration between Fisher Turner, the French sound artist Rainier Lericolais and the Italian duo T Um'. 'Lara' is a short film by Sebastian Sharples and 'Lata' is a "sound toy" (whatever that exactly means) by Paul Farrington. The whole thing is Art with a capital 'A'. The sort of thing that would be in contention for the Turner Prize if it included music. It's really for middle-class folk who like to stroke their beards and utter profoundly pretentious guff that really doesn't mean anything. Fisher Turner can probably expect a large check from the Arts Council any day soon with his art only ever being heard/seen by an elite few whilst in the restricted space of somewhere like the ICA. This stuff just leaves me cold.

Track Listing:-
1 Sleepthru
2 Meeting George And Elmer
3 Access To Rude
4 Series Of Cars
5 No Weight Tonight
6 Plastic Hold All
7 Your Open Eyes And Hands
8 Deadheading
9 Backwards Again
10 Why I'm Spanish
11 Electricme
12 Window
13 Wooden Metal
14 Walk And Fall
15 Soft
16 Prt
17 Silence Is Enough
18 Livescenes
19 Assembly Line
20 Isabella's Pianola
21 Mouthshut
22 SAS
23 La La La
24 Eyes Closed
25 Rudery
26 Rain, Recorded In Tokyo By RL
27 Strings And Nature
28 Very Abstract Baby
29 Saferlife
30 Slowlowslow
31 3rd Rate David Cassidy
32 Outromanic

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