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Art Brut - It's a Bit Complicated

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 7 / 7 / 2007

Art Brut - It's a Bit Complicated
Label: Mute Records
Format: CD


Diverse second album from rapping South London street punks, Art Brut

Art Brut appeared out of New Cross in London at the same time as their fellow SE14 band Bloc Party. Whereas Bloc Party have become massive worldwide, Art Brut haven’t, but they still have a fair following, especially in the States after their debut single, ‘Formed a Band’, became Rolling Stone’s Single of the Year in 2004. ‘It's a Bit Complicated’ was a phrase used during the recording that stuck with the band, so they decided to use it for the title of this, their second album , which like its 2006 predecessor, ‘Bang Bang Rock ‘n’ Roll’, has come out on Mute Records, Art Brut's vocalist Eddie Argos is a local poet in the same way that Pete Doherty is for the East End of London, ‘Pump Up the Volume’ the opening track, rather than being a cover of the 1988 MARRS 4AD track, is a spoken word rap with a quirky new wave backing that recalls the Blue Aeroplanes. ‘Direct Hit’, the first single from the album, is much faster and is like a Buzzcocks or early Ash number. ‘St Pauli’ is an edgy 70’s-style punk number, very catchy in a trendy way and has the great line of “Sorry, my accent is flawed/I learnt it from a 7 inch record.” ‘People in Love’ has a commercial indie feel and another spoken word vocal. ‘Late Sunday Evening’ features edgy punk bass work, rapped vocals, choppy guitars and a lovely trumpet solo near the end. ‘I will Survive’ is not the old Gloria Gaynor disco track. It surging guitars recall the early Blondie and is a song about the day’s struggle. ‘Post Soothing Out’ is funkier. It brittle guitars are like those of the Gang of Four and it has soft backing harmonies. ‘Blame It on the Train’ has guitars that are reminiscent of the intro to the Stones' ‘Paint It Black’. 'Sound of Summer’ again has an edgy sound, while ‘Nag, Nag, Nag, Nag’ is a fast new wave number. ‘Jealous Guy’, which ends it, is not the John Lennon classic, but a rappy word number. Eddie’s poet of the streets tend to grate after a while, but this is an otherwise diverse offering from the South London band.

Track Listing:-
1 Pump Up the Volume
2 Direct Hit
3 St Pauli
4 People in Love
5 Late Sunday Evening
6 I Will Survive
7 Post Soothing Out
8 Blame It On the Trains
9 Sound of Summer
10 Nag Nag Nag Nag
11 Jealous Guy

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