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Mick Harvey - One Man's Treasure

  by Jon Rogers

published: 19 / 9 / 2005

Mick Harvey - One Man's Treasure
Label: Mute Records
Format: CD


First solo album in eight years from Boys Next Door, Birthday Party and Bad Seeds multi-instrumentalist Mick Harvey, who seems oddly uncomfortable in the spotlight

Perennially in the background for around 30 years as Nick Cave's right hand man in bands such as The Boys Next Door, The Birthday Party and the Bad Seeds, Mick Harvey has also given a helping hand to the likes of PJ Harvey. It's been some eight years since the co-founder of The Boys Next Door last released a solo album. Back in 1997 'Pink Elephants' was the second of two albums full of Serge Gainbourg covers. Effectively 'One Man's Treasure' is the multi-instrumentalist's first 'proper' solo album. Such a history perhaps indicates that Harvey isn't all that happy at having to face the glare of the spotlight and be the centre of attention. Harvey though is well worth taking note of. 'One Man's Treasure' is a collection of original compositions and covers by the likes of Lee Hazelwood, Tim Buckley and The Gun Club. Most songs though are of quiet contemplation, touched with an edge of sadness. 'Man Without a Home' and 'Planetarium' are exemplary in this respect. A wistful melody and a mournful lyric is Harvey's trademark style. Buckley's 'The River' is undoubtedly the highlight. Its haunting lyrics are matched perfectly to Harvey's vocals. The upbeat 'Come on Spring' though, where he rhymes spring with thing, leaves much to be desired and is rather out of place on the album. 'One Man's Treasure' contains some beautiful hidden little gems but what it lacks is a sense of purpose, as if Harvey has spent a little too long out of the glare of the spotlight. A little more confidence and certainty might improve things.

Track Listing:-
1 First St.Blues
2 Come Into My Sleep
3 Louise
4 Come On Spring
5 Demon Alcohol
6 Man Without a Home
7 Planetarium
8 The River
9 Hank Williams Said It Best
10 Bethelridge
11 Mother of Earth
12 Will You Surrender?

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