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Matinee Recordings


Airport Girl (2001)

Honey I'm An Artist
After two promising singles on the Fortuna Pop! label this album has been eagerly awaited for some time, and it certainly doesn't disappoint. A lovely invigorating package of lo-fi indie-pop, it's eag

Azure Blue (2012)

Rule of Thirds
Superb indie pop on debut album from Azure Blue, the project of Swedish electronic musician Tobias Isaksson

Bart and Friends (2012)

There May Come a Time
Excellent six track mini album and first release in over ten years from indie pop super group, Bart and Friends

Brighter (2007)

Out to Sea
Fabulous second compilation on the Matinee label for late 80's/early 90's shoegaze/indiepop group and former Sarah Records act Brighter

Brighter (2004)

Singles 1989 - 1992
Awe-inspiring retrospective which collects together all of highly regarded Sarah label signing Brighter's singles

Bubblegum Lemonade (2008)

Ten Years Younger EP
Superb C86-influenced guitar pop on debut EP from new Glaswegian act, Bubblegum Lemonade

Bubblegum Lemonade (2008)

Susan's in the Sky
Perfect Rickenbacker C-86 pop on second EP from Scottish outfit, Bubblegum Leomande

Bubblegum Lemonade (2009)

Brilliant Rickenbacker-flavoured pop on C-86 influenced debut album from Bubblegum Lemonade, the solo project of Glaswegian multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Laz McLuskey

Bubblegum Lemonade (2011)

Sophomore Release
Wonderful indie pop on second album from Bubblegum Lemonade, the project of Glaswegian singer-songwriter Laz McLuskey

Bubblegum Lemonade (2013)

Some Like It Pop
First-rate indie pop on third album from Glasgow-based band, Bubblegum Lemonade

Cats on Fire (2010)

Dealing in Antiques
Splendid compilation from the always reliable Matinee Records mainly of difficult-to-find early releases from Finnish indie pop band, Cats on Fire

Cats on Fire (2012)

All Blackshirts to Me
Instnly appealing and catchy third album from Finland-based indie pop act, Cats on Fire

Charlie Big Time (2012)

Disshevelled Revellers EP
Gorgeous indie pop on debut EP from Bolton-based group Charlie Big Time, who have recently added to their line-up former Trembling Blue Stars vocalist, Beth Arzy

Electric Pop Group (2010)

Wistful anthems to lost love on second album from Swedish indie pop act, the Electric Pop Group

Electric Pop Group (2008)

Sunrise EP
Easily digestible acoustic pop on new EP from Swedish group the Electric Pop Group which makes the perfect soundtrack to a summer's day

Fairways (2004)

This Is Farewell
Swan song CD from much acclaimed and now sadly broken-up American indie pop group, the Fairways, which features tracks from their unfinished second album, and also some B-sides and compilation tracks

Guild League (2009)

Speak Up
Upbeat third album from the Guild League, the side project of Tali White, the drummer with Australian indie pop trio the Lucksmiths

Guild League (2005)

Inner North
Convincing indiepop on second album from the Guild League, the side project of the Lucksmiths' Tali White

Happy Couple (2005)

Fools In Love
Peerfect summery pop from German duo and new Matinee label signings the Happy Couple

Harper Lee (2004)

All Things Can Be Mended
Slightly predictable but otherwise thoroughly convincing melancholic indiepop on third album from Brighton-based duo Harper Lee

Harper Lee (2001)

Go Back To Bed
Harper Lee’s debut album is what is proverbially known as a “grower” .At first listen it may seem simply like another batch of angst ridden songs written by and for dressing gown wearing, cold baked b

Harper Lee (2006)

He Holds a Flame
Familiar-sounding, but also excellent electropop on new EP from Brighton duo Harper Lee, the seventh of Californian indiepop label Matinee Records

Harper Lee (2001)

Train Not Stopping
Harper Lee consists of Keris Howard (vocals, guitars, keyboard) and Laura Bridge (guitars, keyboard, drums), who have taken some time out from their regular bands, Trembling Blue Stars and Kicker, to

Hermit Crabs (2012)

Time Relentless EP
Dreamy indie pop on first EP in three years from Glasgow-based group, the Hermit Crabs

Hermit Crabs (2016)

In My Flat
Dreamy country-influenced indie pop on second full-length album from elusive Glaswegian trio, the Hermit Crabs

Hermit Crabs (2007)

Feel Good Factor EP
Unappealing indiepop on debut EP from new Glasgow-based group, the Hermit Crabs

Hermit Crabs (2009)

Correspondence Course EP
Predictable, but solid indie pop from Glaswegian group the Hermit Crabs, who are fronted by former California Snow Story drummer Melanie Whittle

Hermit Crabs (2008)

Saw You Dancing
Fantastic underground indie pop on debut album from C86-influenced Glaswegian group, the Hermit Crabs

Kosmonaut (2003)

Desert Song
7" debut release on the always reliable Matinee label from indiepop UK duo, Kosmonaut

Liberty Ship (2003)

Northern Angel EP
Perfect "jangly indie pop with harmonicas" from exciting new Nottingham-based group, Liberty Ship

Liberty Ship (2004)

Promising debut alvum from Notingham-based C86 group the Liberty Ship, whose frontman Marc Elston was one half of early 1990's duo Bulldozer Crash

Liberty Ship (2002)

I Guess You Didn't See Her
Fashionable "lovely, but rather twee" trip down memory lane from new British duo

Lovejoy (2002)

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
Irrestible game show-bashing indiepop from innovative Brighton group with second album on the Matinee label

Lovejoy (2002)

Plays Biff Bang Pow
Gripping, acoustic homage to eighties C86 band Biff Bang Pow by Brighton group, Lovejoy

Lovejoy (2006)

England Made Me
Melancholic, but perfect new EP from Lovejoy, the moniker of Brighton-based indiepop musician Richard Preece, which includes a cover of the June Brides' 'In the Rain'

Lovejoy (2005)

Everybody Hates Lovejoy
Soothing melancholic indiepop on third album from Lovejoy, the moniker for Brighton-based singer-songwriter Richard Preece

Lucksmiths (2005)

The Chapter In Your Life Entitled San Francisco
Stunning first single, with three extra tracks, from Australian indie pop darlings The Lucksmiths forthcoming new album, 'Warmer Corners'

Lucksmiths (2001)

Friendless Summer
Australia's finest are back again, just a couple of months after releasing 'Why That Doesn't Surprise Me', their first "real" album since 1997. This time, they have recorded two songs especially for M

Lucksmiths (2002)

Where Were We?
Collection of "quality melodic pop songs' from various compilations, vinyl singles, demo tapes that have not yet made it onto an album from the almost consistently excellent the Lucksmiths

Lucksmiths (2003)

Midweek Midmorning
Typically effective indiepop from the ever prolific Lucksmiths

Lucksmiths (2007)

Spring a Leak
Sprawling but not always successful double CD 45 track compilation of previously unreleased tracks from durable Australian indiepop trio the Lucksmiths

Math and Physics Club (2005)

Movie Ending Romance
Catchy new EP from American-based C86 group Math and Physics Club,which is, however, marred by its weak vocals

Math and Physics Club (2005)

Weekends Away
Classic sounding indie pop on debut EP from Math and Physics Club, one of the few American signings to the Matinee label

Math and Physics Club (2008)

Baby, I'm Yours
Superb indiepop on new EP from Seattle-based five piece, the Math and Physics Club

Math and Physics Club (2006)

Maths and Physics Club
Ultra-melodic indiepop, which is reminiscent of the very best Sarah record label groups and classic C86 on debut album from Seattle-based group, the Maths and Phsics Club

Math and Physics Club (2010)

I Shouldn't Look As Good As I Do
Upbeat-sounding indie pop on enjoyable second album from Seattle-based band, Math and Physics Club

Math and Physics Club (2013)

Our Hearts Beat Out Loud
Superb indie pop on third album from Sacramento-based group, the Math and Physics Club

Melodie Group (2001)

I’d not heard anything from long-term Matinee artists, Melodie Group, before this single so I was very surprised. They don’t live up to their name. I was expecting some summer pop tunes, but what actu

Northern Portrait (2008)

The Fallen Aristocracy EP
Superb debut EP from Danish trio Northern Portrait, which, reminiscent of 1000 Violins, the Smiths and Gene, brings back memories of all which was good about the C86 era

Northern Portrait (2008)

Napoleon Sweetheart EP
Excellent second EP from Danish group Northern Portrait, which carries on the the spirit of early Gene, the Smiths and One Thousand Violins

Northern Portrait (2010)

Criminal Art Lovers
Fantastic debut album from Smiths-influenced Copenhagen-based trio, Nortthern Portrait

Pale Sunday (2003)

A Weekend with Jane EP
Slightly forced, but also thoroughly enjoyable Belle and Sebastian-influenced pop from new Brazilian trio

Pale Sunday (2005)

Summertime ?
Enjoyable indiepop on debut album from Pale Sunday, a trio that are based in Brazil but whom sing in English

Pale Sunday (2010)

Shooting Star EP
Impressive EP from reformed Brazilian indie pop act, Pale Sunday

Pale Sunday (2013)

The Fake Stories About You and Me
First-rate latest EP from Brazilian indie pop band, Pale Sunday

Pines (2003)

True Love Waits Volume Two
Well-performed, but somewhat indistinctive new mini album from indiepop duo the Pines, whose singer is Washington C86 veteran Pam Berry

Pipas (2004)

Bitter Club
"Eerily bittersweet" and "nerve-wracking" indiepop from much acclaimed Pipas

Pipas (2002)

A Cat Escaped
"Primitive", but rampantly imaginative "quaint pop", and "triumph of will against what sounds like very limited resources", on debut album by London-based duo, Pipas

Pipas (2002)

A Short Film About Sleeping
"Sophisticated" debut release on Matinee label by new London girl/boy duo Pipas

Pipas (2005)

Chunnel Autumnal
Captivating re-release on the Matinee label of early material by much acclaimed London-based indie pop duo, Pipas

Razorcuts (2002)

R is for...Razorcuts
Long awaited nostalgia-inducing retrospective from C86 legends the Razorcuts

Razorcuts (2003)

A is for Alphabet EP
Excellent 5 track EP of beautifully remastered material from the classic late 80's indiepop group the Razorcuts

Remember Fun (2001)

Train Journeys
There is a trend going on among the indie pop labels right now. And that is to browse through old compilations, flexidiscs or boxes of old mixtapes and try to find a band that is completely forgotten.

Siddeleys (2001)

Slum Clearance
Of all the reviews I've ever written, this one has probably troubled me more than any. And the reasons it's troubled me troubles me too.See, the first time I heard about the Siddeleys it was in an e-

Simpatico (2002)

The Difference Between Alone & Lonely
After hearing the debut release from Simpatico about a year ago it would not be an understatement to say that I could hardly wait for the arrival of a full length. 'The Postal Museum EP' was a rather

Simpatico (2003)

Club Life EP
"Sweet" indiepop on new five track EP from Simpatico, which once again finds frontman Jason Sweeney pushing new musical boundaries

Simpatico (2001)

Postal Museum
This is the debut E.P. from Simpatico, and the twenty-second release of "pop music" label Matinee, which specialises in “jangly guitars, emotive vocals, trumpets, strings and ba-da-bas”. Simpatic

Slipslide (2003)

The World Can Wait
"Immensely promising debut " from latest Matinee label signing, Slipslide, which proves to be both "good looking and lovely sounding"

Slipslide (2001)

Slipslide are already responsible for one of the best songs of the year, 'Waiting For The Call' from their debut EP 'Four Day Weekend'. Matinee appeases vinyl purists with ths two track follow-up . Sl

Snowdrops (2003)

Mad World
Somewhat unnecessary reworking of Tears for Fears hit by C86 supergroup the Snowdrops, which includes amongst its number US queen of indiepop, Pam Berry

Sportique (2003)

Communiqué No. 9
Socially conscious "spunky punky Buzzcocks influenced power pop" on third mini album from London 4 piece Sportique

Sportique (2002)

Modern Museums
Breakneck paced second album from indie supergroup consisting of ex- members of the Razorcuts, Tallullah Gosh, Heavenly, Marine Research and the Television Personalities that has to be taken with a pinch of salt."

Strawberry Whiplash (2012)

Hits in the Car
Energetic and summery indie pop on long-awaited debut album from Glaswegian indie pop band, Strawberry Whiplash

Strawberry Whiplash (2016)

Stuck in the Never Ending Now
First-rate second album from Glaswegian indie pop duo Strawberry Whiplash , whose music takes its influence from the best side of the 1960s

Strawberry Whiplash (2009)

Picture Perfect EP
Fantastic second EP of C-86 influenced pop from Glaswegian duo, Strawberry Whiplash

Strawberry Whiplash (2008)

Who's in Your Dreams
Fantastic C86-influenced four song first EP from Glaswegian duo, Strawberry Whiplash

Sugargliders (2013)

A Nest with a View 1990-1994
Often brilliant indie pop on retrospective compilation from under-rated Australian duo, the Sugargliders

Tender Trap (2005)

Language Lessons
Near perfect new EP from Tender Trap, the current band of ex-Talulah Gosh, Heavenly and Marine Research singer Amelia Fletcher, who has returned to music after taking some time out to have a baby

The Guild League (2002)

Jet Set ... Go
Mildly disappointing limited edition debut EP from Aussie indie pop super group, featurning members of the Lucksmiths and Sodastream

The Guild League (2003)

Private Transport
Debut album from Lucksmiths' voclaist and percussionist Tali White's side project, the Guild League, which, despite chirpy sing-a-long nature contains a surprisingly dark edge

Various (2003)

Matinée 50
Spectacular compilation which celebrates the "unashamedly pop minded" Matinee's label's 50th release by having all the main acts on its roster providing covers of each other's defining moments

Various (2004)

The Matinee Autumn Assortment!
First-rate sampler which provides an excellent introduction to the many fine bands that make up the Matinee roster

Various (2008)

Matinee Hit Parade
Fine 10th anniversary compilation from American indiepop label Matinee which features several of the main acts on its current roster including the Lucksmiths, the Guild League, the Math and Physics Club, Harper Lee, the Hermit Crabs and the Would-Be-Goods

Various (2011)

The Matinee Holiday Soiree
Enjoyable holiday EP from the ever reliable Matinee Recordings, which is one to pick up for next Christmas

Various (2010)

The Matinee Grand Prix
Versatile indie pop on compilation album from Matinee Records, which has tracks amongst others from Tender Trap, the Lucksmiths and Strawberry Whiplash

Various Artists (2002)

The Matinée Summer Splash!
Low-price compilation, showcasing 12 of the bands from the rapidly expanding and ever popular Matinee label

Windmills (2002)

Walking Around The World
Solid, eclectic three track release from the always consistent Matinee label group, the Windmills

Windmills (2001)

I opened the package containing this record about twenty minutes before I had to leave the house on a Friday morning and instantly placed it on my turntable expecting the usual Matinee pretty melodies

Windmills (2003)

Now Is Then
Impressively melancholic indiepop from C86 veterans the Windmills, back with a haunting third album

Windmills (2001)

When It Was Winter
As someone who has a strong aversion to the summer and sunshine (which I am currently soaked in) I will quite happily reminisce on those cold but cosy months which last for about eleven months of the

Would Be Goods (2001)

Emmanuelle Beart Ep
Barely eleven minutes of airy pop, the 'Emmanuelle Béart EP' will keep you entertained between entrée and dessert if you are picnicking (on a summer’s afternoon, of course) in the garden of a minor no

Would-Be-Goods (2009)

Superb indie pop on excellent fifth album from durable London-based band act, the Would-Be-Goods

Young Tradition (2005)

Northern Drive
Sweet, summery indiepop on debut album from the Young Tradition, the new band of Brent Kenji, the former frontman with much missed San Francisco act the Fairways, and Swedish musician Erik Hanspers

Young Tradition (2003)

California Morning
Strong debut offering from Swedish/American duo Young Tradition, who have never met, but swop their ideas by mail

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