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Slipslide - The World Can Wait

  by Benjamin Howarth

published: 5 / 8 / 2003

Slipslide - The World Can Wait
Label: Matinee Recordings
Format: CD


"Immensely promising debut " from latest Matinee label signing, Slipslide, which proves to be both "good looking and lovely sounding"

I’ve written, now, 8 introductions to this review and none are satisfactory. Stuff it. I’m afraid there’s not a great deal to say about Slipslide’s debut album. They are a four piece and they feature members of Astronaut. They already have two singles out, both of which I own and both of which are worth hearing. Now they have an album out. As far as I’m aware they haven’t received as much praise in the indiepop world as the Lucksmiths,the Aislers Set or Sportique or whoever. But this is a joyous record and an immensely promising debut. It’s a big summer record (despite the fact that 'Baked Alaska' contains lyrics that desperately pine for the winter!), with pretty guitars and sweet harmonies and cracking tunes. This isn’t a record that screams for attention, it’s just casually good. I hope that’s lots of people buy this and that someone plays it on the radio, because it’s a ray of hope in what has been a very boring year for old-school indie music. The subtle difference between Slipslide and all the dross worshipped by the “we’re really passionate about new music us” crowd – which, ironically, all comes under the category of old-school indie (ha!) – is that this isn’t cool looking and cool sounding. It is instead good looking and lovely sounding. And how could that not, in fact, be cool?  

Track Listing:-
1 Sleeptalk
2 Back To Work
3 Baked Alaska
4 The Right Time
5 Watching, Waiting
6 Halfway Over Town
7 Signs of Life
8 X Supplies The Answer
9 Palm House Crawling
10 Will You Lead Me
11 The World Can Wait

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Sleeptalk (2001)
Slipslide are already responsible for one of the best songs of the year, 'Waiting For The Call' from their debut EP 'Four Day Weekend'. Matinee appeases vinyl purists with ths two track follow-up . Sl

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